What is Agrotourism ? Agrotourism in India

Hello everyone, I’m excited to come up with something unique for your upcoming adventures: Agrotourism. While the concept might be new to some, it’s all about experiencing the peaceful beauty of rural life firsthand. Explore trees laden with ripe fruits swaying gently in the breeze and fertile lands nurtured by welcoming farmers.

While traveling across villages, we can see bright sun with birds in the sky, greenery trees with a bunch of fruits, farmers working on the fields, cattle grazing in farms, and children playing traditional games. We all enjoyed this scenery once in our life, but do you think is this possible? yes, it is possible. Everyone can experience this dream like moment through Agrotourism. Yeah, agrotourism paves the way to relax and enjoy nature’s gifts. We can find the answer to what agriculture is, through exploring, what is agrotourism? Come on, let’s spend 5 minutes enjoying village life through this journey.

What is agrotourism? Here is the answer in one sentence, It is an innovative concept that merges Agriculture and Tourism. Agrotourism is also called Agritourism, Farmtourism and Agriculture Tourism. It encompasses a wide range of activities like Farm visits, educational programs, Farming activities, and more, aiming to uplift farmers economic conditions while offering visitors an immersive experience in rural life and agriculture, filled with enjoyment and entertainment

In India, agriculture plays a pivotal role in the economy. In recent times., farmers have been struggling to secure fair market prices for their agricultural produce.  Many states in India practicing Agrotourism include Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana, and Nagaland. Agrotourism is a significant solution to this issue. The Agrotourism market in India exhibited a remarkable growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9% between 2023 and 2028.

Agrotourism in India | What is agrotourism |
Agrotourism in India
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Many of us doubt What is agrotourism ?  What is agrotourism place , What is agrotourism in India, What activities they offer, and how entertaining it can be. Is it possible to transform a village into a tourist spot? Millions of doubts can be cleared by knowing the possibilities. Let’s start exploring to clear up all these doubts!

  1. Direct Marketing
  2. Hospitality and Farm Stays
  3. Recreation Activities
  4. Farm Tours
  5. Events and festivals
  6. Interactive learnings
  7. Demos and Showcases
Types of activities in agrotourism [What is agrotourism]
Types of activities in agrotourism

In this generation, people are drawn to organic products, value-added items, and innovative offerings. Stalls showcasing unique products such as natural farm vegetables, handmade goods, cotton fabric clothes, native seeds, nurseries, and homemade dishes are featured in Agrotourism. This not only enhances their marketing linkages but also entertains visitors. 

 Agrotourism offers visitors the chance to stay on farms, immersing themselves in nature’s essence. Farm stays, equipped with all necessary facilities, entice visitors to indulge in an extended Agrotourism experience within the village. This allows visitors to explore and visit farms, and observe the process of sowing and growing crops,  Let’s plan a farm stay with the family!

Agritourism boasts a variety of recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, horseback trail riding, reminiscent of carefree childhood days, offering a reprieve from sorrows. Engaging in painting, archery, enjoying tree swings, admiring scenery, playing traditional games, practicing photography, interacting with pets, and participating in u-pick produce activities are among the various options available in Agritourism to spend quality time. These recreational pursuits are a means to refresh ourselves and create memorable experiences

Villages, naturally adorned with ponds, farms, and various charming places, are undoubtedly ideal for trips and tours. Exploring mushroom farms, observing honey bee colonies, varieties of crop cultivation, ponds with aquatics, dairy farms, wells, mountain crops, heritage buildings, ancient temples, and historical sites offer unforgettable experiences.You can capture countless moments through photography to cherish for a lifetime. There are numerous spots waiting to be explored near these villages during trips and tours during Agrotourism.

While vacations often entail parties, festivals hold a special place in our celebrations. These events gather crowds with numerous competitions, traditional games, sharing cultural histories, showcasing traditional dances and foods, dramas, and shows. In rural areas, these festivals are celebrated with great fervour. Among these celebrations, harvest festivals are one of the most enjoyable experiences in Agrotourism

Through agrotourism. people get hands-on learning, understanding everything from planting seeds to food processing, offering practical agricultural knowledge. When we go on vacations elsewhere, we miss out on enjoying our own natural wonders. . Despite modern agricultural tech, this encourages visitors to consider business in farming, sparking entrepreneurial interest. 

Many school students, college students, and researchers visit agritourism sites to gain practical knowledge in agriculture and related fields. Nowadays, people, especially youngsters, lack awareness of how farmers work and how food is cultivated from the soil. It’s an opportune moment to shift our focus towards understanding our culture and the principles underlying agricultural practices. Agritourism offers invaluable knowledge and experiences, with farmers sharing insights that aid in further research and agricultural advancements.

What is agrotourism? [ What is agrotourism ]
What is agrotourism? [ Image Source – Treebo]

The Agritourism Development Corporation (ATDC) Founded in 2005 by Shri Pandurang Taware, Father of Agri Tourism Concept, India, aims to elevate farmers’ incomes, establish crucial market linkages for their produce, and expand opportunities through agribusiness. Acknowledging its innovative approach, ATDC received the National Tourism Award in 2008 from the Tourism Department of the Government of India for its outstanding tourism product.

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is the governing body of tourism in Maharashtra. They promote various tourism projects. Maharashtra proudly stands as the pioneer state in India to implement the Agrotourism policy, benefiting numerous farmers and drawing a significant number of foreign tourists.

  1. To create jobs, raise income for farmers, expand markets, and offer on-farm work, reducing the need to move to cities.
  2. It aims to boost Agrotourism through projects and training, helping rural economies growth
  3. To spread awareness about local farm products.
  4. To support rural livelihoods and  traditional arts and music.
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Individual farmers, Agricultural cooperative societies, Farmer companies, and Agricultural research institutes can register to set up Agrotourism centers.Certificate issued upon registration completion. They should have Land of 2 to 5 acres with accommodation facilities, a Village equipped with transportation amenities, and Agricultural land showcasing a variety of crops.

 It’s time to back our culture, help our farmers, and value what nature gives us. Nisarg Sangit Agrotourism, in Morgaon, Maharashtra, is a favorite spot in India for loads of activities like bullock cart rides, farm experiences, Fishing point and able to see traditional farming equipments. In this agro tourism, visitors will explore different types of farms including Goat farms, poultry farms and organic farms. It gives hands-on business opportunities through village tours.  It’s great for family outings and friends’ hangouts.

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Nisarg Sangit Agrotourism, Maharashtra

In our stressful lives, Tethagata Farm could serve as a much-needed source of relief and relaxation. Tethagata Farms in Darjeeling, West Bengal, is a beautiful place with lots of trees . It’s perfect for family time to enjoy different types of activities available in their farms, include day trek to hills, village walk, Fishing and picnic, Cooking classes, Tea picking experience, Tea tasting experience. 

 Tathagata Farm, West Bengal | What is agrotourism |
Tathagata Farm, West Bengal.

Maachli Farms in Parule, Maharashtra, is one of the best farm stays in India.It is located in Maharashtra,  ​here you can enjoy plantation tours, exploring grasslands, and  pottery experiences. The area was surrounded by coconut and betel nut trees. It’s a beautiful way to step back in time and experience the nostalgia of days gone by with Maachli Farms.

Maachli farm, Maharashtra | What is agrotourism |
Maachli farm, Maharashtra

The most beautiful agrotourism spot in India is Harvest Fresh Farm. It is a lavish organic farm located in the Thekkady. Moreover, the farm offers a 360-degree mountain view, cycling around the valley, feeding ducks, and numerous other enjoyable experiences! Highlights include a bullock cart ride to the organic farms where pomegranates, papayas, grapes, mangoes, sapotas, tender coconuts, and apiary-producing honey can be found. Engaging activities such as feeding ducks and hens evoke nostalgic childhood moments.

Harvest Fresh Farms, Tamil Nadu | What is agrotourism |
Harvest Fresh Farms, Tamil Nadu

Are you curious about organic farms? Then consider visiting this versatile Prakriti farms in Punjab. The climate here is fantastic year-round, offering an awesome experience. It’s among the best farm stays where you can enjoy organic farming and nature’s pleasantness. You’ll feed the birds, try your hands on pottery that provide a wonderful ambiance.

 Prakriti Farms, Punjab | What is agrotourism |
Prakriti Farms, Punjab

Farm of Happiness is one of the best agrotourism destinations located in Maharashtra. Let’s explore the variety of activities available on this trip: morning walks through the farm, visits to yummy Alphonso and cashew nut farms, engaging farm activities, trekking, fishing, bullock cart rides, bird watching, and stargazing. Pack up for your next incredible trip to the farm of happiness and other activities await you on this farm stay.

Farm of Happiness, Maharashtra | What is agrotourism |
Farm of Happiness, Maharashtra

Dudhsagar Plantation, situated in Karmane village, Goa, is a major attraction for agrotourism in India. Surrounded by various species of birds, and farms to explore. Tourists can relish the natural organic farms varieties of crops. many activities include Bird watching, Nature trail, Neighborhood walk, Spice tour. Explore surrounding villages, rivers, various spice and fruits. Around 60 species of birds, makes a best spot for photography. It’s an ideal tourist spot for families to spend quality time together!

Dudhasagar Plantation, Goa | What is agrotourism |
Dudhasagar Plantation, Goa

Velanga Orchard is one of the best agrotourism destinations in India. It offers interesting pottery activities aimed at learning about our culture. Visitors can also purchase coconut oil and mango pickles directly from the farm. Are there any other equally exciting experiences in the world?”Other activities include motorcycle rides, hiking up the hill, walks through dense shrub forests, evening bonfires, and enjoying the natural environment. 

Velanga Orchard, Andhra Pradesh | What is agrotourism |
Velanga Orchard, Andhra Pradesh

Dewalokam Farmstay is in Kerala. Let’s check out the various activities in agrotourism in India. You can do a spice walk, bamboo rafting, forest walk, visit schools, milk cows, see rubber processing, and learn about organic farming. What else do you need for a peaceful life? Experience village life here completely! 

Dewalokam Farmstay, Kerala | What is agrotourism |
Dewalokam Farmstay, Kerala

Konyak Tea Retreat is one of the oldest and most picturesque farmstays in Nagaland, India. It’s an eco-friendly farm offering numerous adventures. It’s regarded as one of the finest agrotourism experiences in India. Ready to give it a try? Walk through the tea and coffee plantations, pick oranges from the trees at the orchards, Hangout in the village in the evenings sipping rice beer, Stars gazing. lets you explore the local culture.

Konyak Tea Retreat, Nagaland | What is agrotourism |
Konyak Tea Retreat, Nagaland
S.NoNameStateThings to Explore
1Nisarg Sangit AgrotourismMaharashtraAgricultural Practices
2Tathagata FarmWest BengalVillage Walk, Fishing, Trek to hills
3Maachli FarmsMaharashtraPlantation tours and natural environment
4Harvest Fresh FarmKeralaOrganic farms, Feed to ducks, hens and mountain view
5Prakriti farm stayMaharashtraOrganic farming, Mango and Cashew nut farms
6Farm of Happiness MaharashtraTrekking, Fishing, Bullock cart rides, Bird watching, and Stargazing.
7Dudhsagar PlantationGoaBirds watching, Nature trail, Spice tour
8Velanga Farmstays Andhra Pradeshmotorcycle rides, hiking up the hill, walks through forests. 
9Dewalogam HomestayKeralaspice walk, bamboo rafting, milk cows, see rubber processing. 
10Konyak Tea RetreatNagalandVisits to tea and coffee plantation, star gazing , picking fruits etc
  1. Increase farmer’s income through farm stays and various other activities.
  2. Attracts a huge number of tourists, and helps to create marketing linkages worldwide.
  3. Increase the product sales of their agricultural produce throughout the year.
  4. Create employment opportunities for women and locals
  5. Educate young minds to be involved in agriculture and allied sectors
  6.  It increases tourist visits, thus providing great support to the tourist department of the country.
Importance of agrotourism in India | What is agrotourism |
Importance of agrotourism in India [ Image Source – Sakal ]
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  1.  Insufficient infrastructure, including road and accommodation facilities.
  2.  Inadequate marketing strategies for direct sales.
  3.  High initial setup expenses
  4.  Communication barriers and language differences between tourists and farmers.
  5. Unsuitable climatic conditions and village locations for Agrotourism.
  6. Limited awareness about Agrotourism among farmers.


Agrotourism is a natural stress buster.. Even kids and adults can enjoy the activities of agrotourism. We are spending lot of money on vacations and tours for relaxation and enjoyment. Amid various technological advancements, this unique agrotourism concept holds a special place in the heart. Let’s share the concept of agrotourism with our loved ones and try it once. In this journey, we explore: What is agrotourism? And what is an agrotourism place? Etc. By experiencing these types of things, we can help our farmers , support our culture and traditions.

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