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DSR(Direct Seeded Rice) 

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Our  aim is to provide the latest information, Agri News, Agri innovations, and interesting content about agriculture to raise awareness about Agritech and  Agripreneurship.

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“Times of Agriculture” is a content rich monthly Agriculture e-Magazine initiated for the purpose of providing the latest information, innovations, and technologies developed in agriculture.  This e-Magazine gives a platform to dignitaries like scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, students and innovative farmers to share their views and vivid ideas about agriculture. A multitude of people find their livelihood in agro-food sector. Population detonation, ever increasing consumer demand, use of sustainable resources and climate change are the prime issues encountered by the world. These issues can expunged only by implementing the latest technologies in agriculture. The main objective of this e-Magazine is to provide an open access platform for authors to get on the soapbox and spread awareness regarding the technologies and awareness in agriculture sector by e-publishing articles addressing the  upcoming  needs in the field of Agriculture, food technology, fisheries, veterinary and animal husbandry, Agri startup Story, Farmers success stories, Agribusiness news, Global scenario, etc. This would be very useful to get an insight into the strew information of science-based researches from all over the world.