Why Money Plant is called Money Plant ? Answer in 5 min

Hello everyone, today we explore the history of our green-hearted buddies that give positive vibes – the Money Plant. Ever wondered why money plant is called money plant? We see these plants everywhere, but there is a lot to know. When money plants grow in our homes, they go vertically with support of walls and other things. Money plants can adapt to all  situations and try to grow well.  If you want to grow money plants in your home, then this journey will help you to know better about money plants. Ever wondered why money plant is called money plant? Does it give money?  Here we see all about these money plants in just 5 minutes.

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Why is it called money plant?

​Why Money Plant is Called Money Plant?

Money plants are called money plants due to their leaves. The leaves of the money plants are round, flat, plumb, and heart-shaped which resembles a coin. So these plants are called money plants. There is also a story behind why money plant is called money plant?  A poor man prayed for wealth, and when he found a plant in his garden, he cared for it. He became rich by selling its seeds and nuts.. This is a reason why money plants are thought to bring financial luck and Money plants are meaningful gifts for loved ones. 

Why money plant is called money plant | Why money plant is called money plant |
Why money plant is called money plant?

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Several types of money plants give wealth and prosperity in Fengshui. Money plants are famous indoor plants and have millions of benefits.  People prefer these money plants for growing indoors. Many of us are confused about which plant to grow in our homes and why is it called money plant? Here we give you the best 5 money plants to make your home wealthy and healthy.

 Hey… Their coin leaves never failed to impress us. It is also known as the  Pilea pepromioides. These plants are easy to grow and fast-growing lucky plants. Do you want to grow a plant without any stress? Then try these unique buddies.

Pilea peperomioides ( Chinese Money Plant ) | why money plant is called money plant? |
Pilea peperomioides ( Chinese Money Plant )

Pachira aquatica is a water-loving plant and pet-friendly plants. Money tree plants give love and prosperity when grown in our homes. Money trees are famous for their leaves which are loved by garden enthusiasts. Everyone wants money, so why we shouldn’t try money trees

Pachira aquatica ( Money Tree ) | why money plant is called money plant? |
Pachira aquatica ( Money Tree )

These plants are one of the best money plant species. Jade plants have beautiful leaves that are round, and glossy. and are best for beginners. Jade plants give prosperity and luck. Great present nah…

Crassula ovata ( Jade Plant ) | why money plant is called money plant? |
Crassula ovata ( Jade Plant )

Do you know? Epipremnum aureum are the real money plants. Yeah, these plants are nicknamed money plants for their coin-shaped leaves. It is also known as the devil’s vine because these plants are hard to kill. Golden pothos are common house plants that grow vertically with the support of walls. 

Epipremnum aureum ( Golden Pothos ) | why money plant is called money plant? |
Epipremnum aureum ( Golden Pothos )

Are you amazed by its name…These plants are one of the best indoor flowering plants that has silver spots. Silver Satin plants grow well in bright sunlight and humidity conditions. 

Scindapsus pictus ( Satin Pothos ) | why money plant is called money plant? |
Scindapsus pictus ( Satin Pothos )

We explore the best money plants to grow in our homes. Now we need to know how to grow them. Money plants are commonly seen in every home. For many people, growing money plants is a favorite hobby and it’s easy too. We are here to guide you to grow money plants at home in the simplest way.

5 simple steps to grow money plant | why money plant is called money plant? |
5 simple steps to grow money plant

Choose your favourite place in your home. Place them near window will be perfect or the location should get partial bright light. Money plants grow well in indirect sunlight.some of the best locations are balcony, entrance of the home and near windows.

Take a fresh and clean pot. Fill it wil well drained soil. Adding organic matters and cocopeat increase the soil fertility. So choosing the best one will result in enhance growth.

Propagation of money plant is easy one.Gently cut the leaf or stem from the well grown money plant. Cutting the stem and leaves with nodes will be better. Place them into the soil. Water frequently and monitor regularly.

After the successful propagation, we find a little growth. Money plants need more water so watering them regularly will be great and use seaweed or organic fertilizer every 2 to 3 weeks.

Now your money plant is ready to beautify your home but caring them is a major one. Regular monitoring of money plants by removing yellow leaves, and dry leaves will enhance their growth.  Provide additional like walls, fences to support the vertical growth.

Everyone has doubts that growing money plants in our homes gives positive vibes and it’s the right time to clear it. Yeah, many people believe this statement.Feng shui is an art of organising objects in homes, and workplaces to enhance Harmony, wealth, and prosperity.  As per Feng Shui, growing money plants will give you the following 5 things

As per feng shui money plants attract wealth. Growing money plants in your home give prosperity. In many regions, money plants are believed to give wealth to homes

Money plants are the best indoor plants that can remove harmful pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde and help to increase the oxygen rate. Growing money plants in your home will help to purify air.

Money plants are considered as lucky plants in many regions. Gifting these plants gives luck to their family. From now, we should consider to gift these plants as birthday gifts.

It is believed that money plants remove the harmful radiation from electric appliances and attract positive energy. It also plays a major role in removing negative energy around you. 

Money plants are responsible for a healthy environment and help to solve marital problems in homes.Money plant gives harmony to your home.

5 reasons to grow money plant | why money plant is called money plant? |
5 reasons to grow money plant
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We know the importance of growing money plants and what they give us. But placing it in the right location matters. In Fengshui/ vastu many directions and locations are preferred to grow them. Growing money plants in the right location will increase wealth and prosperity. Many people follow these all over the world and now it’s our turn!

In our workplaces, we are in stress and tension. Growing money plants in your workplace removes stress and gives positive vibes. Placing it on the table and near gadgets absorbs radiations. 

Growing these plants on a stand or shelf gives an alluring look. In our homes we use photos and other gifts in our shelfs and stands.But this time try these money plants in shelf or stand. It gives allure look and positive energy to your homes.

 As per Feng shui and Vastu, locating money plants in the southeast direction gives wealth and prosperity. Place them in indirect light. Choose a southeast corner for your money plants. It is known as wealth corner. Wealthy home ! 

 Placing your North or east direction in your living hall, tables gives wealth. Money plants in your home brings harmony. This also purify the air around you. 

Growing money plants near windows or indirect sunlight helps to increase their growth. Growing money plants on the balcony give a pleasant look.

Money plants are human-loving indoors with a lot of benefits we can get through them. There are many benefits and you can find answer for the question Why money plant is called money plant? Every plant has Benefits, but money plants have various unique benefits. Here is the list​ of their benefits.

Money plants can be able to adapt to various climatic conditions. This makes them best indoors. Money plants are able to grow well without sunlight

Growing money plant is quite easy job, just regular watering makes them grow well. Monitor them once in a week to avoid diseases.

Money plants are NASA recommended air purifiers. They can remove the harmful pollutants from the environment. 

Money plants are easy to propagate. Money plants can propagate with stem and leaf cuttings. 

With proper care, Money plants can survive for 10 years. Money plants are the best long-living indoor plants. Money plants are famous for their survival rate among gardeners.

5 benefits of money plants | why money plant is called money plant? |
5 benefits of money plants

Here are the interesting facts about money plants that amaze you amazed. We know the benefits of money plants and why is it called money plant?  but there is something you didn’t know about them. Come on let’s check it out..

 We often see money plants growing on the walls but they can grow up to 50 feet tall when grown in the forest. In homes it will reach a maximum height of 15 feet.

 Money plants have 5 leaves in its branches resembles natures 5 elements including air, water, fire, wood, and metal. This 5 elements attract positive energy. 

 Some money plants produce edible fruits which are consumed in some places. Money plant fruits has nuts It is eaten as cooked and raw.Are you willing to taste it once? 

Chinese Money plants get a Royal Horticultural Society’s award of garden merit in 2017. It is one of the best houseplants that gives wealth and good luck.

These plants are excellent survival plants compared to other indoor plants and live for so many years. Chinese Money plants will live upto 10 years with regular care.

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Money plants can grow without soil. These water-loving plants also grow well in water. Just little things we should consider while growing money plants in water. Consider the important 5 things when you have a plan to grow in water.

Best LocationA place with Bright, indirect light
Propagation MethodPropagate with stem and leaf cuttings.
Things Required to growTransparent or Glass jars with fresh water.
Water RequirementsChange the water weekly once and monitor regularly.
Fertiliser RequirementsApply liquid fertilizer ¼ to its water strength

Many of us are stuck in this stressful environment, growing money plants gives you positive energy and helps to overcome struggles.In this journey, we see why money plant is called money plant ? and various facts about money plants  Consider growing money plants in our homes and make others understand their benefits. Money plants are cheapest one and gives a lot of positive things to our family. Let’s share this wonderful benefits with others and let them grow more money plants in their homes and  surroundings.

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