Top 24 Agriculture Startups in India Transforming Agriculture [2024]

Have you come across any agriculture startups in India, India has become a hub for agritech startups, and these innovative startups are revolutionizing the way of farming. Agritech ecosystem in India attracts a multitude of start-ups offering technology-based solutions such as sales markets, warehousing and shipping services, and agro science consulting services, while major traditional players are trying to cut operating costs and manage scale.

Here in this article is mentioned the list of agri startups in India which are creating an environment for sustainable growth and development and meeting the demands of the population.

Top 24 Agriculture Startups in India Agri Startups in India

1- Absolute

Absolute is a bioscience company leveraging billions of years of nature’s evolutionary intelligence to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, starting with safe and sustainable agritech products & solutions with research interests in Biomaterials and Biocare.

Absolute -agriculture startups in India
Absolute -agriculture startups in India
FounderAgam Khare and Prateek Rawat
Year of establishment2015
Speciality100% natural and non-GMO product

2- Apna Godam

It is an agritech company operating primarily for post harvest solutions. In addition to product support, it also provides product, financial and logistics services as value added services. Farmers can sell their produce to all buyers in the country without going anywhere. Logistics is managed by Apna Godam with the help of a network of logistics partners.

Apna Godam -Agritech Startups in India
Apna Godam -Agritech Startups in India
Apna Godam
FounderSanjay Agarwal
LocationJaipur, Rajasthan
Year of establishment2016
SpecialityWarehousing, Financing and E-Mandi facilities

3- Aibono

By using Aibono’s agricultural technology and expertise, farmers can increase yields. It describes itself as an agricultural service provider. Farmers can use Aibono to handle all aspects of production planning, agricultural evaluation and decision making.

Aibono -agri startups in India
Aibono -Agritech Startups in India
FounderVivek Rajkumar
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2014
SpecialitySeed-To-Plate, Value Chain, AI And Data Science, Realtime Supply Chain

4- Agrowave

Agritech company Agrowave, aims to facilitate farmers’ market entry and establish a sustainable supply chain management. The company wants to make it easier for farmers by eliminating middlemen and always paying farmers a fair price for their products.

Agrowave -agriculture startups in India
Agrowave -Agritech Startups in India
FounderAnu Meena
LocationGurgaon, Haryana
Year of establishment2017
SpecialityTransportation, Logistics, Supply Chain And Storage

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5- Agrostar

It is an online platform for agricultural inputs, content and advice. The company produce seeds, fertilizer, tractors, water pumps, pesticides, etc. offers products. Moreover, through its platform, it provides farmers with expert advice, agricultural information, agronomy information, weather forecast, etc. It claims to provide. Their apps are available for Android users.

Agrostar -agriculture startups in India
Agrostar – agri startups in India
FounderShardul Sheth
LocationPune, Maharashtra
Year of establishment2013
SpecialityAgritech, Rural E-Commerce, Retail, Advisory, Exports, Agri Inputs

6- Bighaat

BigHaat is an online platform where farmers can exchange information and learn about all aspects of farming. The organization offers a variety of products and services, including healthcare and crop support services.

Bighaat -agriculture startups in India
Bighaat -agriculture startups in India
FounderSateesh Nukala
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2015
Specialitye-Commerce, e-Retail, Advisory, Direct-to-Farmer, Supply Chain

7- Bijak

Bijak is a trading network that connects buyers and sellers of agricultural products. Bijak, in addition to supporting the business of buyers and sellers, it also provides financial assistance for the purchase of agricultural products.

These agri startups in India simplify doing business by providing buyers and sellers with a wealth of operational resources and improved delivery. With Bijak, instant payment to the seller and fast lending is possible.

Bijak -agriculture startups in India
Bijak -agriculture startups in India
FounderNikhil Tripathi, Mahesh Jakhotia, Nukul Upadhye, Jitendra Bedwal and Daya Rai
LocationGurgaon, Haryana
Year of establishment2019
SpecialityIT Services and Consulting, Value Chain, Agri Trading

8- BharatAgri

Through offline and online technologies such as Whatsapp and in-app chat support, BharatAgri helps in all phases of agriculture. The agribusiness has shifted to B2F as well as providing better agricultural services to farmers who need technological support.

BharatAgri’s mission is to digitally educate farmers so they can improve their crop quality.

BharatAgri -agriculture startups in India
BharatAgri -agriculture startups in India
FounderSai Goel, Siddharth Dialani, Yashwant PM
LocationPune, Maharashtra
Year of establishment2017
SpecialityAdvisory, Doorstep Delivery, Soil Testing, Fertilizer Kits

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9- Captain Fresh

Captain Fresh is an online platform that provides seafood. The company provides a platform for the wholesale seafood trade that integrates delivery, payment protection and quality services. It uses advanced technology to provide the fastest growing sales solutions. The application provided by the company is available on the Android platform.

Captain Fresh -agriculture startups in India
Captain Fresh -agriculture startups in India
Captain Fresh
FounderUtham Gowda
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2019
SpecialitySea Food, Supply Chain, e-Auction, Home delivery

10- Cropin

Cropin combines agriculture with business intelligence and business planning. They provide their services using mobile applications that enable farmers and landowners to implement data-driven agriculture.

Cropin -Agritech Startups in India
Cropin -Agritech Startups in India
FounderKrishna Kumar
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2010
SpecialityAI, Crop Health, Machine Learning, Precision farming

11- Crofarm

Crofarm is a new agrotechnology company that aims to reduce food waste through improved production. It is a Farm-to-Business (F2B) marketing strategy involving a community of over 10,000 farmers.

Crofarm -Agritech Startups in India
Crofarm -Agritech Startups in India
FounderVarun Khurana
LocationGurgaon, Haryana
Year of establishment2016
SpecialityFarm to Home, warehouse operation, AI Prediction, empowering the local community
Revenue$3.24 M

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12- Clover Ventures

Clover Ventures, the largest technology company in agriculture, aims to increase productivity. It works to create and strengthen a new well organized supply chain.

Clover Ventures -Agritech Startups in India
Clover Ventures -Agritech Startups in India
Clover Ventures
FounderArvind Murali, Avinash B R, Gururaj Rao, Santosh Narasipura
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2017
SpecialityGreen House Cultivation, Supply Chain

13- DeHaat

DeHaat is the largest agriculture startups in India, it is an application-based online platform for AI-enabled supply chain and consulting services. It provides soil evaluation, yield estimation and consultancy services. It uses advanced technology to monitor the operation of the equipment. It also works to provide agricultural finance solutions such as loans and insurance to farmers in agriculture. The mobile app is available for the Android platform.

DeHaat -agriculture startups in India
DeHaat -agriculture startups in India
FounderShashank Kumar, Shyam Sundar Singh, Amrendra Singh, Abhishek Dokania and Adarsh Srivastava
Year of establishment2012
SpecialityAgri Supply Chain, AI and Machine Learning, Precision Agriculture

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14- Ergos

The Ergos platform facilitates communication between farmers and cold store owners using a mobile platform. Lack of cold storage facilities is a major problem faced by farmers in India. Ergos is involving in post-harvest supply chain management.

Ergos -Agritech Startups in India
Ergos -Agritech Startups in India
FounderKishor Jha
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2012
SpecialityIntegrated Agri Supply Chain, Grain Bank, Data and AI, Food Processors

15- Fasal

Fasal uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide agricultural performance forecasts. Since its inception, it has helped farmers save more than 3 billion litres of water. Fasal aims to develop sustainable agriculture through alternative thinking. It also helps increase crop yields and reduces farm expenses.

Fasal -Agritech Startups in India
Fasal -Agritech Startups in India
FounderAnanda Verma
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2018
SpecialityIoT, Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Farm Credit, Agri Input

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16- Farm2Fam

Farm2Fam distributes food directly to consumers. This ensures that consumers receive fresh food free of pesticides and herbicides. They now use traditional farming methods and techniques to produce customized foods for customers to strengthen their supply chain.

Farm2Fam -Agritech Startups in India
Farm2Fam -Agritech Startups in India
FounderKeya Salot and Vimal Salot
LocationMumbai, Maharashtra
Year of establishment2018
Speciality100% natural, home delivery, farm fresh, residue free

17- FreshToHome

App-based online store of meat and poultry products such as chicken breast, duck, duck eggs, vigova duck, lamb, goat, mutton, lamb goat and goat mince. There are also freshwater fish, marine fish, chutneys and dumplings. The company also has a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

FreshToHome -Agritech Startups in India
FreshToHome -Agritech Startups in India
FounderShan Kadavil
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2015
SpecialityFresh fish and Meat, Chemical Free

18- Gold Farm

Agritech start-up Gold Farm provides farmers with promising farming tools via a smart phone app. They make solar water pumps for agriculture in areas with low energy consumption.

Gold farm’s mission is to use technology to make farming easier and safer, especially for people living in disadvantaged areas.

Gold Farm -Agritech Startups in India
Gold Farm -Agritech Startups in India
Gold Farm
FounderAbhilash Thirupathy, Karthic Ravindranath
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2012
SpecialityAgri Products and Services, Technology, Farm Mechanisation

19- Intello Labs

Intello Labs uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to evaluate the quality of products. They help companies such as farms, shops, stores, restaurants and exporters get good recommendations for customers while reducing waste.

Intello Labs -Agritech Startups in India
Intello Labs -agriculture startups in India
Intello Labs
FounderMilan Sharma, Devendra Chandani, Himani Shah, Ashutosh Kumar, Nishant Mishra
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2016
SpecialityIoT, AI & ML, Digital Farming, Image Recognition, Price and Seller Monitoring

20- KhetiGaadi

KhetiGaadi is India’s first online platform for comparing and purchasing farm equipment. Less time is spent controlling farm machinery and more time can be spent on productivity. They connect more than 500,000 farmers.

Farmers can access the website in 10 different languages via a smartphone app. Farmers can use the app to rent equipment, buy and sell equipments and find other financing option.

KhetiGaadi -Agritech Startups in India
KhetiGaadi -agriculture startups in India
FounderPravin Shinde
LocationPune, Maharashtra
Year of establishment2016
SpecialityRent Tractors, Tractor Dealers, New Tractors, Farm Equipment

21- Licious

An app-based store, that provides meat products. This is an online store that sells meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and more. The company claims to also offer organic meat and ready-to-eat product on its platform. Its mobile app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Licious -Agritech Startups in India
Licious -agriculture startups in India
FounderAbhay hanjura, Varun Sadana, Vivek Gupta
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2015
SpecialityDoor step Delivery, Sea Food, Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Spreads, Pickle

22- Ninjacart

The leading agricultural supply chain in India is Ninjacart. From agriculture to storage, it now takes less than 12 hours to move 60 tons of fruit and vegetables instead of more than 14.

Delivering fresh farm produce to retailers quickly is one of Ninjacart’s goals.

Ninjacart -Agritech Startups in India
Ninjacart -Agritech Startups in India
FounderAshutosh Vikram, Kartheeswaran K K, Sachin Jose, Sharath Loganathan, Thiru Nagarajan, Thirukumaran Nagarajan, Vasu Devan
LocationBangalore, Karnataka
Year of establishment2015
SpecialityFresh Produce Supply Chain, Advisory, Data Science, Agri-tech

23- Staragri

It is provider of storage and post-harvest solution for agricultural products. Solutions include warehousing, purchasing and collateral management of agricultural products. It also offers a range of value-added services, including risk management, retail, logistics and agriculture exports.

Staragri -Agritech Startups in India
Staragri -Agritech Startups in India
FounderAmit Khandelwa, Amit Mudawala, Suresh Goyal
LocationMumbai, Maharastra
Year of establishment2006
SpecialityWarehousing, Logistics, Procurement, Star Labs, Collateral Management, Private Mandi, Agri Exports, Value Added Services.
Revenue$3.5 M

24- Waycool

With over 35,000 farmers growing vegetables, fruits, grains and other food crops, Waycool is India’s largest agriculture and food chain.

Waycool -Agritech Startups in India
Waycool -Agritech Startups in India
FounderKarthik Jayaraman and Sanjay Desari
LocationChennai, Tamil Nadu
Year of establishment2015
SpecialityFresh Produce, State-of-the-art contract manufacturing and packaging solutions


While there are tons of tech companies currently working in the agritech space, we have tried to round up the most exciting and reliable agritech companies in India. Most of these companies use state-of-art sensor data or AIML-based methods to deliver their services.

Agriculture in India is facing serious problems even though it is the backbone of the majority of the population. Supply chain and construction is a big problem and we tried to include companies trying to solve it. We also listed companies that train and support farmers in sustainable agriculture. Last but not the least; we have also brought together agritech initiatives that connect farmers with individuals and businesses to make better use of its benefits.

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