Modern Tools Used in Agriculture to Protect Crop from Damage

Modern Tools Used in Agriculture: Crop damage is a significant issue in the agriculture sector, as we know that there are various factors that lead to crop damage like insect pests, weeds, natural disasters, etc.

Protection of crops on the basis of data, using technology to acquire data( like fertilizer application, seed requirement according to land, insecticide and pesticide application, growing of crops according to weather, etc.) will help prevent crop losses and increase productivity and yield of crops. Learn here to know, what are the modern tools used in agriculture!

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Data technology is an innovative crop protection tool in modern agriculture”.

Now, many farmers are using precision Modern Tools Used in Agriculture, advanced analytics, and powerful imaging devices to make decisions properly, according to the needs and requirements of crops. Some technologies which farmers use are discussed below.

Advanced Sensors | Modern Tools Used in Agriculture – Advanced Tools Agriculture

Soil health is very important for the cultivation of any crop. Alternation in irrigation, pesticide, fertilizers, mineral levels, the structure of soil, air, water, and microorganisms can affect crops.

Installing ground-mounted sensors around different crops leads to overcoming these types of problems faced by the farmers at the time of cultivation of crops.

These sensors can measure climate indicators, soil moisture, temperature, pressure, stress indicators, etc. This will help farmers in making a precise decision about the health of crops and help in knowing when and where to add(water, fertilizers, etc).

Agriculture drones | Modern Tools Used in Agriculture

It is an aerial vehicle used in agriculture. It helps in yield optimization, monitoring of crops, weed control, fertilizer application, harvesting, etc

Spraying crop fields with the help of drones, they precisely deliver fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, seeds, etc. Too much spraying of any one of the above leads to damage to crops and can reduce crop quality and yield. Drones distribute all these things very evenly and efficiently to each and every part of the farm.

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It will lead to improved quality of crops and higher yield rates without intense labor.

It can be used on any kind of crop like rice, wheat, corn, cotton, etc. Drones also help in gathering data for precision farming

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Satellites enhancing agriculture | Modern Tools Used in Agriculture

Modern Tools Used in Agriculture: This technology helps in improving efficiency and reducing the use of fertilizers.

It helps farmers to make decisions about how much fertilizers to use and how to distribute it evenly on the farm. For example- Polish company SatAgro uses satellite data to drive their app. Satellite helps farmers in various ways:-

  1. Mapping – It helps analyze how much land is used for agriculture.
  2. Measuring– Measuring of growth and development of crops at each and every stage and yield of the crops.
  3. Monitoring – It helps in knowing how the land has been used, spot changes in rainfall, drought pattern, etc

Nanotechnology in agriculture | Modern Tools Used in Agriculture

Nanotechnology is a great success in the entire field of science. It has produced amazing results in the field of agriculture. It works with nanoparticles to produce effective results. Nanotechnology has made tremendous progress and is used for several reasons. They make the crop healthier than before. the nanoparticles used in farming are sprinkled across the fields as pesticides at appropriate times, they are responsible for growing healthier and diseased-free crops.

Automated pest trap | Modern Tools Used in Agriculture

An interesting innovative technology is used in the agriculture sector to protect crops from damage.

Adhesive insect traps show which pests are damaging the plants, it is set up throughout the farms and helps in identifying which bugs are damaging the crops.

Some insect traps have solar-powered devices attached to them. These traps hold 40 adhesive strips that are automatically replaced. This allows farmers to leave the traps for up to 9 months, saving time and effort of the farmers.

High-resolution cameras are also attached to the traps which send images of the pests to the farmer’s mobile phone or computers.

The outcomes from these Modern Tools Used in Agriculture of this new automated pest-predicting device developed by the rural development administration show that they reduce labor and other costs by 60% compared to traditional traps.

It is significantly more effective because not only different traps can be installed depending on the cultivation crop and environment but also adjustment and monitoring can be done.

The pests and insects can be forecasted and controlled remotely. This kind of monitoring allows smart farming on islands and remote areas through an agriculture network in metropolitan cities.

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Precision sprayers | Modern Tools Used in Agriculture

It helps farmers in using only that amount of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers that is necessary to control the diseases. It also helps in preventing the over-spraying of chemicals on plants. Only targeted plants get sprayed and in smaller quantities which will be good for both crops and the environment. Some sprayers used by the farmers are portable power sprayers, mist dust sprayers, orchard sprayers, etc


We know that technologies are evolving day by day and smart technologies help in the growth and development of agriculture. There are various other modern tools of agriculture too which protect crops from damage and make farming sustainable.

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