MEATYOUR – 100% Happy Egg Farming Concept in INDIA

Meatyour eggs, a Pune-based startup was founded in 2020 by Saisharan Gandhi and Arnav Gandhi, MeatYour – best eggs brand in India is Eggs Farming Company. Let’s know about Meatyour egg, owner, Net worth, valuation, etc.


Saisharan Gandhi, Arnav Gandhi, a resident of Pune, is the founder of the chicken egg production startup Meatyour Natural. He began this distinctive farming with the aid of his expertise and technology. He has a wealth of technical expertise because he has studied both engineering and computer science.

MEAT YOUR is a brand by Eggs Agro Products Private Limited. This company is also known as Meatyour Triggers Your Taste and Shree Balaji Farms. The founders of the company appeared in the reality show Shark Tank India and pitched for his company. They asked ₹30 Lakhs for 5% Equity at a valuation of ₹6 crores. Expressing interest in the deal, Anupam Mittal and Aman Gupta closed the deal for ₹30 lakh for 20% equity.

Meatyours Triggers Your Taste is another name for this brand. Additionally, it goes by the name Shree Balaji Farms. I’ll discuss the Meatyour Shark Tank India Update, the founder, valuation, and investment in this post.

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There are several hen brands that farm eggs in the modern day. Only a small number of farms, however, use technology to adulterate hens’ eggs for their own gain. There are some well-known companies that raise chickens in a natural manner, which poses no long-term health risks to people.

Since March 2020, this Farm has been operating in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The farm is profitable in 2021. The farm presently has more than 20,000 chickens, although this was done when there were only a few at the time of farming. The rearing of hens is being done naturally, and now Shree Balaji Farms is also awarding franchises. By establishing boundaries around the whole farm, this firm keeps chickens in its chicken farming, where they are raised on natural foods like grasses. As a result, the chicken retains its nutritional value.

Meatyour Triggers Your Taste Eggs Price:

QuantityMeatyour Eggs Price
12 Eggs Pack₹160
24 Eggs Pack₹270
30 Eggs Pack₹300
60 Eggs Pack₹550
90 Eggs Pack₹800

How Much Deal Did MeatYour Get in Shark Tank in INDIA?

Farming for Meatyour brand is thriving. The founder made an extremely effective and engaging presentation on Shark Tank India through his innovative start up ideas. In Shark Tank India, the founder requested 30 lakhs in exchange for a 5% ownership stake in his business.

Meatyour, a startup valued at 5 crores, just made a successful sale. Their eggs are in highly great demand. In the upcoming year of 2022, this company’s valuation can be high.

Meatyour A Brown Eggs Startup Got Investment Of 30 Lacs From 3 Sharks
Source- Meatyour
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They stand out because their chickens are well-fed on actual greens rather than being imprisoned or even harmfully injected, and they are not. As a result, these eggs were produced by chickens who were quite satisfied. The company officially debuted in March 2020. From a small flock of hens in the beginning, this start up has grown to house 20,000 happy chickens. Chickens are kept in an open area of the farm using a natural farming approach. They consume natural grass as they grow. As a result, the chicken retains its nutritional value. Because of this, no egg from our farm will permanently hurt your body. The fact that these organic brown eggs are odorless is a major benefit.

  1. They allow their chickens to roam, eat grass, and insects for additional nutrition. Happily raised on the farm!
  2. The best food available is used to feed their chickens. They are always happy and also eat fruits and vegetables partially!
  3. Their eggs are very nutrient-dense and ideal for young children to senior citizens. All of their customers eat their eggs without reservation!

Everyone wants that, right? If you were thinking these would be expensive, then you’d be wrong. Meat Yours eggs are priced at par with the market, making them a better choice. The same amount of money, but more value. Ordering 30 eggs can cost you Rs 300, for instance. You can order eggs from their exclusive website.

The company asked for Rs 30 lakh for a 5% stake on Shark Tank eggs but was able to negotiate a deal and secure a 20% stake for Rs 30 lakh. Their idea of odorless and healthy eggs that don’t harm the hens appealed to Aman Gupta and Anupam Mittal. We too found it very ethical. Also, the company ships eggs nationally and internationally. The shipping charges are added to the total.

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Problems Solved By MeatYour Owner:

A direct-to-consumer company based Meatyour provides fresh, free-range eggs throughout Pune and Mumbai. They’ve done this with the help of technology, making it simple for anybody to get farm-fresh eggs from the comfort of their own home.

Watch out the full episode on Meat Your egg, exclusively only on Sony LIV app or just click on the link given below.


You can check out their Meatyour Website. You can place the order Meatyour Eggs online by clicking this link.

For further queries, contact Meatyour WhatsApp Number: 8282827890

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