Agrowave: Captivating Journey of Agri Supply Chain from 2017

Agrowave: Most of Indian farmers are small and marginal. They are facing many challenges inmarketing produce from farm to market. The several hassles faced by them include exploitation by traders, middlemen and lack of information on prices of the produce in different markets and several others. This necessity of overcoming the above hurdles has become the mother of an invention called the Agro-wave. This Agritech startup made it possible for the farmers to cut down the middlemen and sell their products online from the farm itself at fair and remunerative prices.

about agrowave

Journey of Agrowave Founder: Anu Meena

Anu Meena is from the small village of Manoli which is 318 km away from Rajasthan and belongs to agricultural family background. She did her schooling from Manoli in Hindi medium and graduated from IIT Delhi in 2016. While schooling she used to walk 5km to school and she is the first person from her village to score the highest marks in 10th grade and also the first to crack IIT entrance exam. After graduation, she worked in an American startup for a small period of time.

Anu Meena Agrowave grew up watching her grandfather who was a farmer facing challenges in selling produce, taking produce to mandi or market, dealing with traders and middlemen, storing, packaging, and grading.

anu meena - agrowave founder
Anu Meena- Founder of Agro wave

In order to address these issues, she founded the agritech business Agrowave Company in 2017. Through mobile pickup stations, the farm-to-market business model enables farmers to sell their food right from the farm gate. Through an app, farmers may select the mandi, the time of pickup, the buyers or dealers and the quantity of produce they wish to sell. To start a business, Anu had to borrow money from a few friends and seniors but soon managed to get start-up funding.

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About Agrowave

Agro wave is a company that was established with the objective of using technology analytics, and research to optimize the agriculture supply chain. It offers agricultural services for creating a supply-driven farm-to-market supply chain. The mobile pickup stations which are based on the farm-to-market business model enable farmers to sell their food right from the farm gate.  

In addition to providing first-mile logistics at the farm gate with its technologically advanced mobile pickup stations, the firm offers customized sorting, grading, and packing services to maintain quality and logistic support. This enables farmers to sell their goods from their farm gates in a matter of clicks. Apart from these, through an app, the farmers may select the mandi, the time of pickup, the buyers or dealers and the quantity of products they wish to sell.

FounderAnu Meena
Founded in2017
Head QuartersGurgaon, India
Legal nameDagrowave agscience Pvt ltd.
Funding stageSeed
CompetitorsNinjacart, Crofarm
Networth57.4 Cr (Tracxn reports)
Agrowave Websitehttp://agrowave.in/

Agrowave Funding & Valuation

  • According to Crunchbase business news reports, Agro-wave has raised funding of $2.6 Million.
  • According to Tracxn reports, the valuation of Agro-wave as on January 2022 is $7.72 M.

Agrowave Business Model

 Agrowave is constructing the Farm to Market Mobility Supply Chain through a network of smart routed Mobile pickup stations (MPS) at farm gates.Through an app, agriwaves enables farmers to sell their food right at their farm gates. Farmers may use the platform to check real-time pricing and select the best market or dealer, maintaining transparency by cutting out intermediaries and saving time and money on transportation.

agrowave farmers

More than 5,000 farmers in Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and Maharashtra relate to Agro wave which sends pick-up vans and transports the product to the mandi the farmer has chosen. The farmer pays Rs 50 for each transaction and the dealer is charged a 2 percent fee. These are some services offered by Agro wave:

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1- Agrowave Kisaan App

Agrowave Kisaan is a mobile-based platform that is useful for farmers to sell fruits and vegetables online by selecting a trader of farmer choice and based on rates in different markets where products are procured by vehicles from the farm itself.

agrowave app
Agro wave App

2- Agrishots App

Agrishots is a platform for B2B transactions between buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities. Verified buyer or seller groups may submit information about the supply and demand of their items, including the price, location, payment method, quantity, and quality. The platform offers full assistance, from payment to logistics. Buyers/sellers can rate & give reviews to each other to build credibility. It also offers Agri News in a few words.

agrishots App
Agrishots App

Awards & Felicitations

  • She received the “Global Gandhi Award” in 2019.
  • She has been named in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list,
  • The Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment was honored for her public service.
  • She has spoken at events including TEDx and Wired Next Generation Japan.
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The inefficient marketing system where farmers are exploited by middlemen is a bane to Indian agriculture. There is a need for an immediate solution to this issue. Being part of an agricultural family, innovative thinking has resulted in the establishment of the Agrowave which was a boon to the farmers. This can result in the development of a marketing system that makes a fair and remunerative pricing system possible for farmers and several many such innovations are needed in the future for farmers.

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