Lucky Bamboo Plant Benefits

Have you guys heard about lucky bamboo plants or lucky bamboo plant benefits? Are you guys aware of how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant? If you don’t know more about those, this article gives a gateway for it. In this article, we are going to mainly discuss about lucky bamboo plants, lucky bamboo plant benefits and how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant. Let’s go guys.

Here, we also discussed an interesting fact that this plant lies in its ability to transform lives. Yes, guys, prosperity and fortune will come into our lives when we place lucky bamboo plants in our house or office. Now, the article seems to be more interesting, right? So, let’s know more by engaging with this article.

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana ) is an indoor plant used for decoration. It is not a bamboo plant, despite its name containing bamboo, but it belongs to the Dracaena family. It has slender, upright stems and it is considered as a symbol of good luck and prosperity in many cultures. It gives an aesthetic appeal and positive energy to the home, so people often use it in homes. So, you have to be well aware of the lucky bamboo plant benefits and how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant to bring this positive energy to your residence.Now , we can go through more about Dracaena sanderiana benefits.

Some important facts about the lucky bamboo plant:

Common NamesLucky bamboo, ribbon plant and friendship bamboo
Botanical nameDracaena sanderiana
Plant typePerennial shrub
Flower colourWhite
OriginSoutheast Asia
Common shapes 2 layer, 3 layer and 7 layer
lucky bamboo plant benefits| how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant
Lucky Bamboo Plant
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As per Feng Shui, a lucky bamboo plant’s benefit is it gives positive energy and fortune to the house. It follows a certain number of arrangement rules to ensure maximum benefits to the following five elements, Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal, which comprise the foundation of the harmonic universe.Lets learn more about benefits of lucky bamboo.

As per Feng Shui, to get lucky bamboo plant benefits, the arrangement should be in the following order:

  • Direction: East or south-east
  • Number of bamboo stalks: 2,3,5,8 or 9
  • Colour: Don’t use plants that have yellow or dark green-coloured stems
At house entranceBring growth, beginnings and family harmony
At the centre of the dining tableIncrease positive energies and gain plenty
At bedroomsBrings positive energy and looks greenery
In the study room or office ( At northeast)It activates brain cells and removes unnecessary things from our minds, helping to activate innovation abilities in children and working professionals.
lucky bamboo plant| how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant
Placing of the lucky bamboo plant as per Vastu or Feng Shui

Here, we are unveiling the hidden meaning of lucky bamboo plant benefits behind the number of stalks.

  • 1 stalk: 1 stalk lucky bamboo plant represents truth or commitment. It is not very popular.
  • 2 stalks: 2stalks symbolise love. As per Chinese beliefs,2 is a lucky number and they always believe that good things in life always come in pairs. This is mainly given as a present to lovers or wedding gifts to newly married couples.
  • 3 stalks:
  • 3 stalks 3 stalks symbolise happiness. It mainly wishes for a new beginning. It is mainly given as a Happy Birthday Gift or a New Year Gift.
  • 5 stalks: 5 stalks symbolise balance, peace, harmony and power. It gives a positive energy in your life. So, to become a successful person, you must place a 5-stalk lucky bamboo plant in your house.
  • 6 stalks: 6 stalks symbolise blessings. To attract more happiness in life and success in life. This type of lucky bamboo plant plays an important role.
  • 7 stalks: 7 stalks symbolise togetherness. Placing 7 stalks of bamboo plant in your house brings more love and romance to your relationship
  • 8 stalks: 8 stalks symbolise wealth, joy and prosperity
  • 9 stalks: 9 stalks symbolise good fortune.
  • 2 layer lucky bamboo plant benefits: The  2 layer lucky bamboo plants can be grown in glass vases filled with pebbles and water, also they can be grown in well-aerated soil. They are always grown in bright and filtered sunlight. The 2 layer lucky bamboo plant is one of the luckiest plants according to Feng Shui. It is very easy to grow and inexpensive.2 layer lucky bamboo plant benefits mainly as it brings positivity, wealth and good health to homes.
  • 3 layer lucky bamboo plant benefits: It is believed to be the favourite presentation of Lucky Bamboo. It gives mainly Happiness (Fu), Long life (Soh) and Wealth (Lu). 3 layer lucky bamboo plants require only low maintenance and can be grown in adverse conditions. It is the most commonly found indoor plant found in Indian households.
  • 7 layer lucky bamboo plant benefits: The 7-layer lucky bamboo plant is mainly used for gift purposes. It requires filtered water for growing and we have to change the water every week. It helps to prevent the water from root decaying. The main 7-layer lucky bamboo plant benefits are it gives good fortune, serenity and calmness to your building.These are some of the benefits of lucky bamboo.
lucky bamboo plant benefits| how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant
2-layer, 3-layer, 7 -layer lucky bamboo plant
  • It helps in purifying the air: Lucky bamboo plants act as a natural air purifier. It helps in absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. By keeping lucky bamboo plants in your house, it will eliminate harmful pollutants, like benzene.
  • Nutritional value: One of the interesting lucky bamboo plant benefits is that it has nutritional value. It has rich amounts of amino acids, fibre, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in silica, which helps in fighting digestion problems, helps in purifying the bloodstream and helps in maintaining cholesterol levels.
  • Cooking: Its shoots are edible and can be consumed. Lucky bamboo plant is an ingredient in Chinese cuisine.These are some of the lucky bamboo benefits.These are some of the Dracaena sanderiana benefits.
  • Appeals aesthetic value and enhances home decor: The aesthetic appeal of lucky bamboo plants makes your building more attractive and brings calmness to your house. Lucky bamboo plants are one of the most common indoor plants in India.
  •  Helps in maintaining the balance: Lucky bamboo plant helps to maintain the balance of five elements of nature earth, wind, fire, water and wood. Balance of all elements and harmony can be achieved by keeping the bamboo plant at home in water, after tying it with a red ribbon, and also adding a few coins and pebbles to the container to achieve the benefit. Now, you get an idea about lucky bamboo benefits.
Lucky Bamboo Plant Benefits
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Now, we discussed the lucky bamboo plant and lucky bamboo plant benefits and what are the problems, pests and diseases affecting it. To get benefits from a lucky bamboo plant, we have to take care of them, for that we want to know how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant. Here, we will give a detailed view of the question: how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant.

One of the most important tips on how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant. They can be planted in a shallow dish or a tall vase. It should be transparent, then only the roots are visible. Containers should allow proper water drainage.

They are only grown in a proper bright light condition. It can be grown in low light conditions but not much.

Lucky bamboo plants grow at warmer temperatures, ranging between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 32 degrees Celsius).

Now, let us look over how water became an important tip in how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant. The roots have to be made wet by watering all the time. Also, ensure the water level doesn’t rise too high, only the roots need to be submerged. Use filtered or distilled water other than tap water. 

As the plants need to be breathed through the pores, the leaves have to be periodically cleaned with a brush to remove the dust.

It needs moist soil but excess usage of water will retard its growth.

If the bamboo plant expands more in size, it needs to be transferred into other containers for sustaining. Firstly, gently dig up the bamboo plant and wash the pebbles

Removal of dead branches to get an overall shape to the plant and it also encourages growth. It helps to make the lucky bamboo plant healthy.

    If you guys are interested in decorating the home with lucky bamboo plants, please follow the above tips on how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant.

lucky bamboo plant benefits| how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant
How to take care of a lucky bamboo plant
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Throughout the discussion, we learned about lucky bamboo plants, lucky bamboo plant benefits, and how to take care of a lucky bamboo plant. By seeking information from this article, I am sure that you will get a detailed view of all these aspects. We all know that placing indoor plants in a house gives an aesthetic appeal and pleasure to your building so that lucky bamboo plant is always the best option.

Is your house devoid of indoor plants, guys, the time has arrived, go and buy some lucky bamboo plants.

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