Climber Plants in India: Explore 6 Fascinating Ways to Grow

Hello, my garden enthusiasts!!! How about we discuss something that is tall but thin, bright and fun? Yes, about ‘Climber plants in India’. Just attached by a thin vine but swinging in the breeze, the climbers are an important part of the plant components in any garden that make us swing along. Apart from providing aesthetics, the climbers and creepers plants in India have a multitude of uses in the garden and here they are.

From aesthetics to cooking, colourful or monochrome, a small or large garden and irrespective of the season, the climber plants in India will fit in every aspect. Let us see these plants that grow on creepers flower names and uses in detail.

  1. For screening and privacy
  2. For training on fences, trellis, arbors, and tree trunks
  3. For A Small Balcony Garden
  4. For Attracting Birds and Butterflies
  5. For Adding Seasonal Colour
  6. For Culinary and Medicinal Purposes
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Does your garden have a hard old wall, or a trash or an electric box with wires? I know it does pull down the serenity of the garden. But to the rescue comes the climber plants in India. With their beautiful foliage, mass growth, quick covering and beautiful flowers these plants help in masking and elevate the look of your garden to a higher level. Let me give you some climbers plants examples in India and creeper plants name for screening purposes.

As the name suggests, vernonia is the best climber plants in India that can be used for screening purposes. The long trails of stems with beautiful rows of small green leaves provide maximum covering for the unpleasant sights or objects in the garden. It provides privacy for the garden from the surroundings to enjoy our garden to the fullest. 

  • Plant height – 8 to 10 m
  • Small alternate oval leaves
  • Small white flowers in bunches
  • Requires support for growing upwards and trailing down

Let’s add some fun to our green screen! How about a leaf with a different form? Sounds nice? Here is Boston Ivy for you. These climbers, cling to any support given and provide a beautiful covering with its mass foliage. There is more, they provide beautiful colours too. The new leaves are red in autumn, turn bright green in summer and again turn red when matured.

  • Plant height – up to 15 m
  • Leaves medium-sized, 3 toothed leaf
  • Greenish white flowers and dark blue berries
  • Adhesive structures and tendrils to cling onto walls
Boston ivy
Boston Ivy

Imagine a plant with hearts, pink colour, and small sizes. Cute isn’t it? Is there a plant that has it all? Yes, Coral vines also known as Mexican creepers look cute as mentioned. The green heart-shaped leaves and petite pink flowers in clusters, cover the walls quickly and also add beauty all through the year.

  • Plant height – up to 7 m
  • Heart or arrow-shaped leaves
  • Small pink flowers in clusters
  • Tendrils to hold on to support structures
Coral vine
Coral Vine

I am sure that this plant needs no introduction. Bougainvillea or the paper flower plant is the most common among the climber plants in India. While the thorny stems deter trespassers and help maintain privacy from the outside, the evergreen leaves and everlasting flowers provide vibrancy inside. Quick growth and low maintenance make it a good choice for screening purposes.

  • Plant height – up to 10 m
  • Arrow-shaped, pale green leaf
  • White colour small flower with bracts in various colours
  • Woody stems with thorns to hold the support

A garden is a combination of plant and non-plant components as they give a structure and define the spaces in the garden. For this combination to be complete both the plant and non-plant components must co-exist, which means, they would be incomplete without the other. Climbers are the perfect companions for non-plant components like fences, arbours, trellis, arches, and pergolas etc., Let me then tell you some climber plants names in India for training on the non-plant components.

Fences are meant to protect by marking a boundary and Flame Vine climber is indeed an apt choice as a fence. The plant has thick and quick-growing foliage with clusters of attractive fiery orange-red blooms that serve the purpose of fencing. It can be trained along a wire mesh or a barbed wire fence. Instead, with regular pruning and training, this plant can be grown as a natural fence too with just poles for support.

  • Plant height up to 1 m
  • Thich and dark green foliage
  • Long and tubular orange-red flowers – full bloom in winter to spring
  • Tendrils are present for climbing up the support
Flame vine
Flame Vine

A warm welcome is always a pleasure to the heart. But imagine if you are welcomed with a big bright and vibrant archway, isn’t it a lot more inviting? Are you looking for such an invite, then put Alamanda to use. The Golden trumpet flower climber plants in India are one of the common and easy-to-grow plants and make it the best choice with their mass leaf coverage, beautiful blooms and hardy stems. Try to plant together the yellow and the purple allamanda for a nice contrast!

  • Plant height up to 6 m
  • Dark green leathery leaves
  • Large and tubular flowers, yellow and purple coloured
  • Twining woody stem for growth

Mysore clock vine also known as Lady’s slipper vine is a stunning addition to your garden’s pergola. Pergolas are a series of arches that are laid along a pathway or around the seaters in a garden. These climber plants in India are a perfect choice for the pergola for 2 reasons – one, the foliage provides shade from above. The second reason is the beautiful flowers that hang from the stems all through the area are a beautiful sight to cherish.

  • Plant height up to 6 m
  • Long narrow medium-sized leaves
  • Individual flowers are yellow and red coloured, pendant-fashioned hanging flowers
  • Green and woody stems catch hold of support to grow.
Mysore Clock Vin
Mysore Clock Vine

The trellis by itself is an attractive component in the garden. The various patterns that these trellises run are amazing to look at. When we look for a plant companion for these trellises, Clematis would be one. This plant has beautiful small and white coloured flowers in clusters, smaller and softer leaves and stems, which, when grown on a trellis, will not hamper the look of the trellis and also give a variety in texture.

  • Plant height up to 5 m
  • Smaller-sized bright green leaves
  • White-coloured small flowers in clusters
  • Stems wrap around the support systems to grow

A large garden is often incomplete without a tree, but sometimes, the bare tree trunks may not fit in the setting. Have you come across such a situation and ever wondered what to do? Then let me give you a solution – the Monstera plant or the Swiss Cheese plant would help. These are tropical climber plants in India that grow by holding on to the support, mostly tree trunks, using rootlets emerging from their stem. The leaves are large and have patterns of splits in the leaves that make it look wow! This plant suits a tropical landscape very much and grows very fast.

  • Plant height up to 5m
  • Leaves are large with splits, holes and unique patterns
  • The flowers are big with white spadix
  • Rootlets to hold on to the support 

I know what your next question is. What if my garden is small and on the balcony only? Would I be able to grow climbers ever? If these are your queries, then cheer up, you can very well grow a garden on your balcony too! Climber plants in India come in various growth habits and the following are the few just suited for you.

Small places attract big wealth is just right for this plant. Every small corner of the house suits this plant and it attracts wealth too. This easy-maintenance plant is the best choice for climber plants in India in small balconies. The gorgeous green colour and the golden-white variegations in the leaves are indeed a scene to look at. All it requires is a rope or a wire to climb and it makes your place shine in green and gold

  • Plant height up to 20 m
  • Bright green leaves with variegations in golden white colour
  • Pale whitish flowers with a spathe
  • Rootlets cling on to support for growth
Money Plant
Money Plant

A compact balcony garden and a soft and subtle creeper make a good duo as a non-invasive and thin foliage cover is needed to use the space. Morning Glory is one such examples of climber plants in India that offers light foliage growth and blue to violet and white-coloured flowers. These plants offer a perfect setting, with rounded tubular flowers, that bloom in the morning sun and the tendrils add to its beauty. Plant a mix of blue, violet, purple and white plants and train them together and add fun to your space.

  • Plant height up to 3 m
  • Light green, thin heart-shaped leaves
  • Medium-sized tubular flowers in blue, violet, purple and white colour
  • Tendrils to hold the support and grow
Morning Glory
Morning Glory
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Get ready for some flutters and chirpings. A garden full of flowers with butterflies and birds hovering around are moments to be captured and it can be done with some flowering climber plants in India that attract butterflies and birds. These small creatures will add motion to your garden and make it more lively.

“A Gourmet Effect” is the simplest and most real introduction to this flower. It gives an exotic look and elevates the garden with its complex, yet ravishing flowers. These climber plants in India provide nectar and are host plants for swallow-tail butterflies.

  • Plant height up to 6m
  • Leaves are trilobed
  • Purple and Red coloured flowers with numerous tubular corona 
  • Tendrils to hook up to the supports
Passion Flower
Passion Flower

Japanese Honey Suckle is a common option for climber plants in India to attract butterflies, bees and even hummingbirds. Enjoy your summers with the long tubular fragrant flowers in yellow, white, orange and pink amidst dense green foliage with bees and butterflies hovering around.

  • Plant height up to 6 m
  • Dense dark green narrow leaves
  • Tubular long flowers with peak blooms from March to May
  • Green stems twine around the support
Honey Suckle

Mexican flame vine gives your garden an outburst of fun and energy with their bright orange-coloured bunches of flowers in all the seasons. These climber plants in India are the preferred hosts for the charming Monarch butterflies and bees.

  • Plant height up to 3 m
  • Heart-shaped bright green leaves
  • Orange flowers with golden centre borne in bunches
  • Green stem twines around the supports
Mexcian flame vine
Mexican Flame Vine

The beauty of seasonally flowering plants in India lies in the sudden surprise that it gives occasionally. There are climber plants in India that produce blooms in particular seasons that are stunning to look at. Make your garden dynamic and give yourself some variety with these seasonal flowering climber plants.

Bleeding heart vine melts our hearts with its alluring clusters of white and red flowers. It has its peak blooming period in the rainy season. Give it a full sunlight spot in your garden and enjoy the flowers in the pleasant rainy weather.

  • Plant height up to 8 m
  • Dark green shiny oval leaves
  • White and Red-coloured flowers in clusters
  • Woody stems twine around the supports
Bleeding heart vine
Bleeding Heart Vine

Rangoon creeper is the most preferred choice of climber plants in India. It is also one of the fastest-growing creeper plant in India. It has lovely flowers with a sweet fragrance and quick-growing thick foliage suitable for all places. It does come with a surprise element too – the colour-changing flowers! Yes, in summer, during its peak season, clusters of white flowers appear which turn pink and bright red the following days. Do not miss out on the sweet smell at night!

  • Plant height up to 10 m
  • Bright green dense foliage
  • Small flowers with long stems in bunches
  • Woody vines grow around the support
Ranfoon creeper
Rangoon Creeper

Give your garden a fall makeover with these climber plants in India that bloom profusely during this time. It is a beginner-friendly climber that does not ask for sophisticated support or care. The trumpet-shaped blue flowers are sure to remove our blues with their melodies.

  • Plant height up to 20 m
  • Rough leaves that can be ovate to lobed
  • Bluish-violet big trumpet-shaped flowers
  • Greenish woody stems wrap-around support
Bengal Clock Vine
Bengal Clock Vine

Winter is a season of shutdown for plants as most plants do not produce flowers at that time except for a few like these climber plants in India. The bright yellow winter jasmine profusely flowers during the cold winter months give the garden a striking contrast of green and yellow.

  • Plant height up to 15 m
  • Dark green, quick-growing dense foliage
  • Yellow star-shaped flowers
  • Green stems catch hold of the support to grow
Winter Jasmine
Winter Jasmine

Do you want to feel fulfilled in your garden, then try adding these climber plants in India that bear vegetables and leaves used for medicinal and culinary purposes. Now not only are your eyes and nose getting a treat, but also your stomach!

Gourds have been used in Indian cuisine for a very long time and a variety of dishes are being made from these. They are particularly noted for their nutrient content, high fibre and less cholesterol nature. Bitter gourd, Bottle Gourd and Ridge gourd are common climber plants in India suited very well for all places. These climbers vegetable plants in India gourds are sure to add a variety to your garden and nutrition to your plate!

  • Plant height up to 4 m
  • Leaves large hairy and heart-shaped or lobed
  • Yellow-coloured flowers from small to medium size
  • Tendrils catch hold of the support system to grow

Betel plants are well-known climber plants in India that are noted for the medicinal qualities that they possess. It is highly recommended for the cure of cold and viral infections and also aids in digestion-related issues. These calcium-rich leaves just need a shady spot and there you go both beauty and benefit.

  • Plant height up to 1m
  • Light green to dark green glossy large leaves
  • Flowers inconspicuous 
  • Have small rootlets that attach to the support system to grow
Betel Vine
Betel Vine
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A crisp of flowers that grow on creepers and climbers for a quick look.

Sl.No.Name of ClimberUses of ClimberRequirements for Growth
1VernoniaFor screening and privacyCool and dry temperature, 6 hours of sunlight and well-drained soil
2Boston IvyFor covering barren wallsIt can tolerate warm to cool temperatures, needs moist loamy soil and a full sun exposure
3Coral VineCovering walls and adding colourRequires full sun and partial shade, moist soil and a regular pruning
4BougainvilleaFor privacy and adding colourFull sun exposure for 8 hours, well-drained soil and a temperature around 20⁰C
5Flame vineA natural fence with vibrant orange colour6 -8 hours of direct sunlight, adequate watering
6AllamandaTrain or arches, yellow and purple contrast colouring4-6 hours of full sun, adequate watering in the summer season and temperature around 20⁰C 
7ClematisTraining on trellis, soft textureRequires full sunlight exposure for the shoots and adequately watered roots 
8Mysore clock vineTrain or pergolas, creating a pattern with hanging flowersHigh humidity, partial shade and well-drained soil. Pruning can be done after flowering
9MonsteraCover barren tree trunksBright indirect light, high humidity, watering when soil dries out and a temperature of 18⁰C to 30⁰C is ideal
10Money plantFor indoor balcony gardenWell-drained soil should be moist. Requires high humidity and indirect light for foliage colour
11Morning GloryLight creeper for balcony with colourful flowersNeeds full sun exposure for flowering. Can tolerate hot and cold weather
12Passion FlowerAttracts swallowtail butterflies 4-6 hours of full sun to partial shade for flowering. Protection from cold winds and low temperatures is to be given
13HoneysuckleAttracts bees and butterfliesA shady and cool place for the roots with warm and sunny shoots is ideal
14Mexican Flame VineAttracts Monarch ButterfliesWarm weather, well-drained soil, with 6-8 hours of sunlight
15Bleeding Heart VineMonsoon flowering, red and white contrast flowers Partial shade and frequent watering without allowing the soil to dry
16Rangoon CreeperSummer flowering. Red, pink and white flowersModerate watering with full sunlight exposure is needed for profuse flowering
17Bengal Clock VineAutumn flowering. Bold blue flowersRegular watering in hot weather, full sun and partial shade is required
18Winter JasmineWinter season flowering, hardy yellow flowersFull sun is needed for flowering buds to develop and flower in winter and well-drained soil.
19GourdsVegetables for culinary purposesSoil rich in organic content, full sunlight exposure for flowering and adequate watering
20Betel VineMedicinal and culinary usesA shady, cool and humid condition with adequate watering in slightly damp and drained soil. 
Climbing Plants with Flowers in India

I love climbers and creeper flower plants for 2 reasons – one for the outburst of energy that they showcase and make us energized and second for the life lesson on humbleness that they teach us – we may reach to very heights, but must always stay rooted to the ground. Do you like climbers too and which are your favourite creeper plants?

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