Amazing 10 Indoor Flowering Plants in INDIA

Let’s start a journey…. to a world full of indoor flowering plants. We can see many indoor flowering plants in hotels, homes, and restaurants making spaces look lovely. Many people in this world wish to have their indoor flowering plants in their homes and workplaces but we thought it was too expensive, hard to maintain and don’t know how to start. Don’t worry let’s overcome these thoughts and make our surroundings pleasant by growing indoor flowering plants in our homes.

Many people believe that indoor flowering plants can communicate and connect with us, research also proves this statement. Not only do they give visual treatment but also help in reducing harmful pollutants. In this journey we see the best indoor flowering plants in India.

Nowadays we see many people are under stress and pressure in their workplaces. This can be reduced by growing indoor flowering plants at our homes and workplaces as they help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. A lot of the best indoor flowering plants are in India. Many indoor flowering plants in India can grow in low light or even without direct sunlight which makes them best for indoors.

Significance of Indoor Flowering Plants in India

There are many best flower plants for home gardens in India that can adapt to different temperatures and humidity. Most of the Indoor flowering plants for a home were grown near windows, balconies, and home gardens. Here are the best indoor flowering plants in India you should consider growing in your indoors and home gardens.

  1. Remove air pollutants – Many studies showed that indoor flowering plants reduce the pollutants that are harmful to humans.
  2. Relaxation – Growing indoor plants as a hobby gives relaxation.
  3. Reduce stress – Indoor flowering plants reduce stress and make the atmosphere peaceful.
  4. Improved sleep – Studies have shown that indoor plants in bedrooms promote sleep.
  5. Increase creativity – According to research studies, indoor plants can help to improve creativity.

Top 10 Indoor Flowering Plants in INDIA

Pink Jasmine

Interesting Facts – These flowers used as medicine for various problems

Let’s see the history of Jasminium polyanthum, these are the most beautiful and sweet-smelling indoor flowering plants for home. Jasminium polyanthum commonly known as Winter Jasmine or Pink Jasmine, belongs to the Oleaceae family, native to China and Myanmar. These plants have pinkish-white flowers, which add vibrancy to the home. Many garden enthusiasts grow this plant for their fragrance. Jasminium polyanthum fragrance is used in perfumes and other products. Jasminium polyanthum is one of the best indoor flowering plants in India.

Temperature65°F and 75°F
Humidity40% to 50 %
LightLittle bright ( No direct sunlight )
FertilizerBalanced fertilizer
Pink Jasmine

African Violet

Interesting Facts – African violets were part of a NASA Clean Air Study and were found to be effective in improving indoor air quality.

If your favorite color is violet, you must consider trying African Violets in your home. African Violets (Saintpaulia ionantha ) are charming flowering plants native to tropical East Africa. It belongs to the Saintpaulia species. African Violets are the best flower plant for home garden in India. These are popular choices for people as they are easy to propagate, low maintenance, compact in size, etc. African Violets never fail to impress with their violet-colored flowers.

Temperature75°F and 85°F
LightIndirect sunlight.
FertilizerBalanced fertilizer
African Violet

Moth Orchid

Interesting Facts – They have specialized roots called “air roots” that absorb moisture and nutrients from the air.

Phalaenopsis commonly known as Moth Orchids belong to the Orchidaceae family. Phalaenopsis are native to Southeast Asia. Phalaenopsis are epiphytic. Did you hear about epiphytic orchids? These orchids grow naturally on other plants or trees. Moth Orchids are one of the best indoor flowering plants in India and grows in low light. They derive nutrients from other sources like rainwater and air. Phalaenopsis are considered as best indoor flowering plant for home garden in India among other orchids.

Temperature70°F and 80°F
Humidity50%  or Higher
LightIndirect sunlight.
FertilizerUse balanced fertilizers at half amount.
Indoor Flowering Plants in INDIA
Moth Orchid

Peace Lily

Interesting Facts – NASA’s clean air study reveals that Peace Lilies can remove air pollutants.

Spathiphyllum commonly known as a Peace Lily or White Sail belongs to the Araceae family native to Southeastern Asia. The Peace Lily is one of the best indoor flowering plants in India that has dark green leaves and distinctive white flowers. Have you ever wondered why it’s called a Peace Lily? Well, it’s because this plant brings a positive vibe and its elegant white color symbolizes peace. Peace Lilies are one of the best flower plant for home garden in India. Despite their benefits, Peace Lilies are harmful to pets.

Temperature65°F and 75°F
Humidity High
LightIndirect sunlight ( Bright)
FertilizerUse balanced liquid fertilizer every 4 – 6 weeks.
Peace Lily

Flaming Katy / Widow’s Thrill

Interesting Facts– The leaves of this plant are used to treat ulcers, inflammations, and skin infections.

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a succulent plant commonly known as Flaming Katy or Widow’s Thrill. It is the best flower plant for home garden in India belongs to the Crassulaceae family native to Madagascar in Africa. Kalanchoe flowers were available in various colors like yellow, red, orange, salmon, pink and white. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is harmful to animals, birds, and livestock.

Temperature55°F and 80°F
Humidity 25% – 30 %
LightPartial shade to full sun
FertilizerBalanced succulent fertilizer
Flaming Katy

Other Indoor Flowering Plants for Home

1. Kalanchoe tomentosa ( Panda Plant )

2. Kalanchoe luciae ( Paddle Plant or Flapjacks )

3. Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi ( Lavender Scallops)

4. Kalanchoe orgyalis ( Copper Spoons )

5. Kalanchoe pinnata ( Air Plant )

Flamingo Flower / Tail Flower

Interesting FactsAnthurium andraeanum gained the Royal Horticultural’s Award of Garden Merit.

Wow….. 1000 species of flowering plants are in the Anthurium genus. Out of these, one of the most elegant indoor flowering plants for home is Anthuruim andreanum which belongs to the Araceae family. These are some of the best indoor flowering plants in India, commonly known as the Flamingo Flower, Tail Flower, and Painter’s Palette. Its red color makes the surroundings cherished. Anthurium is an epiphyte as it grows on other plants. Flamingo Flowers are ideal flowering plants for home gardens.

Humidity High humidity
LightBright indirect
FertilizerPhosphorus-rich fertilizer
Flamingo Flower

Other Indoor Flowering Plants for Home

1. Anthurium regale ( Queen Anthurium )

2. Anthurium crystalline ( Crystal Anthurium )

3. Anthurium warocqueanum ( Queen Anthurium )

4. Anthurium veitchii ( King Anthurium )

5. Anthurium scherzerianum ( Painter’s Palette )

Wax Begonia

Interesting Facts – Wax Begonias are drought tolerant and they can survive in water scarcity periods.

Begonia semperflorens commonly known as Wax Begonia, attracts many people by their flowers and attractive foliage. Wax Begonias have various colors like white, pink, red, and orange shade. It gives you various options to choose colors to make your house beautiful. It is a low-maintenance plant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. Wax Begonias are indoor flowering plants in India, best for home gardening.

Temperature65°F – 85°F
Humidity40% – 50%
LightSun or shade
FertilizerBalanced fertilizer during their blooming period.
Wax Begonia

Other Indoor Flowering Plants for Home

1. Begonia coccinea ( Scarlet Begonia )

2. Begonia corallina ( Coral Begonia )

3 Begonia maculata ( Polka Dot Begonia )

4. Begonia rex ( King Begonia )

5. Begonia masoniana ( Iron Cross Begonia )

Cranes Bill

Interesting Facts – Some of the Geraniums are mosquito repellent.

Geraniums are the best indoor flowering plants in India commonly known as Geraniums or cranes Bill. They are perennial, biennial plants belonging to the genus of Geranium. The Geranium genus has many species some of which are commonly used for home and garden use. Are you planning to set up Geraniums in your room then you have various choices like Ivy Geranium, Pelargonium zonale, and Martha washington geranium.. the choice is yours.

Temperature50°F – 60°F
LightFull sun
FertilizerBalanced fertilizer
indoor flowering plants images
Cranes Bill


Interesting Facts – These are the most popular indoor flowering plants in India belong to the Gesneriaceae family

Gloxinia ( Sinningia species) are native to Brazil. Gloxinias have attractive flowers which makes them look beautiful. Gloxinias come in a variety of colors including pink, purple, red, and white. These are now widely cultivated in-house plants for their easy maintenance. Gloxinias are one of the best Indoor flowering plants in India that thrives in low light.

HumidityHigher humidity
LightBright indirect
FertilizerBalanced fertilizer in medium-level

Christmas Cactus

Interesting Facts – These plants can live over so many years in suitable conditions.

Are you Schlumbergera bridgesii commonly known as Christmas Cactus is the best indoor flowering plant for home that grows in low light. Their red-colored flowers never fail to impress garden enthusiasts. Christmas Cactus belongs to the Cactaceae family native to Brazil. Are you searching for the best holiday gifts for your friends? Yeah, it’s the right choice to give them Christmas cacti as they are the best flowering plants for a home garden in India.

Temperature60°F – 70°F
Humidity50 – 60 %
LightBright indirect light
Fertilizer10-10-10 plant diluted fertilizer
Christmas Cactus

Overview of Best Indoor Flowering Plants in India.

Common nameScientific nameBlooming period/month Flowers color
Pink JasmineJasminium polyanthumLate winter to early summerWhite or pale pink
African VioletSaintpaulia ionanthaNearly year aroundViolet, purple, pink, blue
Moth OrchidsPhalaenopsisFallPure white, pale pink, light yellow
Peace LilySpathiphyllumMiddle of springWhite
Flaming KatyKalanchoe blossfeldianaSpringPurple, violet, blue, pink, red, and white
Flamingo FlowerAnthurium andraeanumSpring, summerPink, red, and white
Wax BegoniaBegonia semperflorens Spring to FallRed, pink, orange, yellow and white
Cranes BillGeraniumSpring to fallRed, pink, and white
GloxiniasSinningia Summerpink, purple, blue, white
Christmas CactusSchlumbergera bridgesiiLate fall to early Winterpink, purple, red, white


Lots of people use their money in different ways, but we all know that money can’t buy peace. However, if you want peace in your home and to bring joy to your loved ones, you can achieve it by having indoor flowering plants. We spend money on different things but we don’t even consider these types of things in our day-to-day life. You can gift these indoor flowering plants to bedridden patients. so that these flowers of indoor flowering plants can make them feel pleasant and soothing and worthwhile present.

We have many best indoor flowering plants in India to cherish our lives. Let’s encourage everyone to have these plants in their homes and workplaces making the world and our minds greener and more peaceful.

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