Amazing 25 Types of Snake Plants For A Refreshing Garden

Hello! I am back again with one more interesting and perhaps a ‘healthy’ topic. There is one thing that is on the rise these days – ‘pollution’. Not just outdoors, but indoors too. Surprised? Wondering how? Yes, paint, your bedding, curtains, carpets, and mattresses all release toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and so on and it is worrying. But you know what, I have a remedy that can combat this – Growing a plant. Sounds obvious? Wait, there is a specific plant that can help – ‘Snake Plant’ aka ‘Sansevieria’. Crawl down to know more about the benefits and types of snake plants.

I like to call it dearly as ‘The Warrior Plant’. With a low-key appearance, this plant stands strong, fights against and filters harmful toxins and cares by giving us oxygen to breathe. NASA’s clean air study also says the same. They have a unique metabolism called the CAM metabolism by which they take in Carbon dioxide and release Oxygen, especially at night. So this plant is apt for your bedroom for a sound sleep and a fresh morning wake-up.

There are various types of snake plants in many sizes that can suit your outdoor garden to your own bedside table. Come with me for a refreshing experience to know about the different types of snake plants.

So my friends, let us see the types of snake plants with pictures – the wonderful whorls in various shades of green that fascinate us with their pretty patterns.

The name Mother-in-law’s Tongue is very apt for this type of snake plant. Lengthy with a sharp tip and the bright green and golden colour variegations care for us by giving us a lot of oxygen and making us feel refreshed.

Golden Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Golden Snake Plant
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Twist always works out well not only in stories and movies but also in the gardens with this type. Long and twisted leaves giving a wavy texture and in a ceramic pot makes the best focal point

Twist Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Twist Snake Plant

If you have heard about ‘Big things come in small packages’, then you would know about Golden Hahnii Sansevieria too. Dwarf stature, green gold variations in leaves and the whorly leaves suit your dining table, work table or even the bedside table keeping you energetic.

Golden Hahnii Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Golden Hahnii Snake Plant

Why should gold have all the fun? These types of snake plant have a silver-green variegation with a yellow margin. The leaves are also broader than the others. So quickly find a cosy space in your room for this awesome friend of yours.

Futura Superba Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plant
Futura Superba Snake Plant

If you think Sansevierias are just long green leaves with yellow margins, it is not so. They give a lot of variations with the green itself just like this black gold sansevieria, where the leaves are dark green resembling black with striking golden yellow margins giving a sophisticated look.

Black Gold Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plant
Black Gold Snake Plant

Snake plants are not just broad-leaved, there are different types of snake plants too like the Sansevieria cylindrica. If you want a spiky and funky effect to your garden, then this rod-shaped leaves gives them too. Of course, they do have mild variegations in yellow or white.

Bowstring Hemp Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Bowstring Hemp Snake Plant

This type of snake plant has a striking white vertical variegation in the leaves giving a contrast and cosy feeling especially when placed indoors. This can be used to highlight a feature in your outdoor garden too.

Bantel Sensation Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plant
Bantel Sensation Snake Plant

It’s rest time for variegations! Yes, these types of snake plant have almost plain textures and broad leaves that are pale to greyish-green in colour. This pastel-shaded plant in a ceramic pot grabs your attention just like that! 

Moonshine Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Moonshine Snake Plant

The name Cleopatra does have an influential effect – The queen for her influence in Roman politics and the plant for its influence on health and mind. This mini-sized plant robs us with its star-shaped leaf arrangement giving out immense oxygen that cares for our health.

Cleopatra Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plant
Cleopatra Snake Plant

Variegations – Check! Mini-size – Check! Succulent leaf – Check! Yes, Boncel Sansevieria has it all. The fan-shaped chubby leaves and circular patterns notoriously attract our attention just like our small babies. 

Boncel Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plant
Boncel Snake Plant

There is a unique feature in this type of snake plant – the leaves are plan and dark green in the middle and yellowish green variation in the margins which is usually the reverse in the other types. It can be grown as a specimen plant or as a highlight in the garden.

Whitney Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plant
Whitney Snake Plant

Simple yet superb is what I would say about this plant. Among the different type of snake plants, these leaves look like the fins of a whale. They can be used as a ground cover around trees and also in flower beds for contrast.

Whale Fin Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Whale Fin Snake Plant

This is a gem among the different types of snake plant available. The shiny leathery leaf with its rich and dark emerald green colour, and fewer patterns allowing the green to shine, this gem is a must-have in your garden. Place it in a white ceramic pot to create that magical effect in your room.

Black Dragon Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plant
Black Dragon Snake Plant
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Wanting some funky texture? Sansevieria bacularis to the rescue. Leaves are long and thin, green and white variation, tips pointed – Imagine wouldn’t it make a good fence or a border to your garden? Do not forget, place it indoors and take a deep oxygen-rich breath.

Mikado Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Mikado Snake Plant

A green mini fountain for the garden… sounds nice right? You are sure to become a fan of the fernwood snake plant just for its fan-shaped leaf arrangement. Cylindrical leaves with bright green and yellow variegations grow in a fan-like form all in a small stature making it an elite addition to your greenery.

Fernwood Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Fernwood Snake Plant

Good health can give Joy, Happiness and Fortune and these types of snake plant can help you feel it to the fullest. The golden-coloured leaves manifest joy and happiness and the oxygen that it give out gives you good health and all together a Great Fortune!

Golden Flame Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Golden Flame Snake Plant

Your snuggly bedroom and Blackjack Snake plant are just made for each other. This low-light-loving plant easily adapts to your room and the dark green leaves with vibrant yellow margins capture your heart and of course fill your lungs with oxygen!

Black Jack Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Black Jack Snake Plant

Of the different types of snake plants, this may not have that perfect leaf but is sure to attract you with its loud visual presence. Crinkly and curly leaf margins, whitish grey mottled variegations, star-shaped arrangement all within a petite size. 

Star Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Star Snake Plant

This plant has a unique green and white checked pattern on the succulent, cylindrical leaves. They seem like a star after 5 to 6 leaves emerge and establish. It will look captivating as a solitary plant in a terracotta an antique style pot.

Starfish Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Starfish Snake Plant

How about we add an alluring lotus to your garden? Lotus and Snake plant? Sounds weird?. Yes, the small and broad leaves whorl out to look like a lotus in green and yellow. Group this succulent under a tree or as a ground cover to witness its charm in groups.

Jade Lotus Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Jade Lotus Snake Plant

As the name says, the stripes in this type of snake plant is to be noted. The leaves have a whitish zig-zag pattern in the dark green leaves and of course, the yellow margins which is uncommon among the various varieties. 

Striped Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Striped Snake Plant

In these types of snake plant, you can notice that the leaves are curved inwards. But do not worry, it is not because of under or over-watering, but just it’s very own feature.

Gracilis Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Gracilis Snake Plant

The young plants have grey-coloured banded patterns on dark green leaves. Sound’s common right, but when mature, the margins become thick and cupped giving it a wild look. A secret fact! the margins develop a red colour when mature. So go on to plant this as ground cover near fences or under trees to add to the beauty of your garden.

Fischeri Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Fischeri Snake Plant

Wondering what is new in these different types of snake plant. Thinking of a new pattern or colour of leaf? It is ‘grooves’ here. The leaves have vertical grooves and fewer patterns which is indeed special to this plant. So let’s get grooving.

Patens Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Patens Snake Plant

Sansevieria will surely not disappoint you and will keep giving you variety. With small succulent, cylindrical and yellow-green leaves, they grow in the form of runners giving out rosettes of leaf arrangement – to be simple – ‘sansevieria growing like grasses’

Ballyi Snake Plant | Types of Snake Plants
Ballyi Snake Plant

That was indeed a long list of snake plants and the table below is a crisp of it just for you!

S.No.Type of Snake PlantDistinctive Feature
1Golden Snake PlantGreen and golden colour variation Height – 4ft
2Twist Snake PlantGolden colour in margins, twisted at ends Height – 3ft
3Golden Hahnii Snake PlantDwarf nature, Green and yellow variations Height – 1ft
4Futura Superba Snake PlantBroad Leaf, Green and Silver variation gold margin Height – 5ft
5Black Gold Snake PlantBlackish green leaves with golden margin, Height – 3ft
6Bowstring Hemp Snake PlantCylindrical leaf, Mild variegations, Height – 6ft
7Bantel Sensation Snake PlantBroad leaf with white vertical stripes, Height – 3ft
8Moonshine Snake PlantGreyish Green, mild variegations, Height – 3ft
9Cleopatra Snake PlantDwarf, Star-shaped leaf arrangement, Height – 1.5ft
10Boncel Snake PlantDwarf, Succulent, fan-shaped leaf arrangement, Height – 1ft
11Whitney Snake PlantMargin variegated and plain centre, Height – 2ft
12Whale Fin Shark PlantBroad leaf, fewer variations, Height – 3ft
13Black Dragon Snake PlantEmerald green, fewer variations, Height – 1.5ft
14Mikado Snake PlantCylindrical slender leaf, Pointed tip, Height – 4ft
15Fernwood Snake PlantCylindrical leaf in fan-shaped arrangement, Height – 4ft
16Golden Flame Snake PlantGolden-coloured broad leaves, Height – 2ft
17Blackjack Snake PlantDark green leaves, yellow margin, Height – 3ft
18Star Snake PlantCrinkled leaf margins, small stature, Height – 1ft
19Starfish Snake PlantSucculent cylindrical leaf with checked pattern, Height – 2ft
20Jade Lotus Snake PlantFlower-like leaf arrangement, Height – 2ft
21Striped Snake PlantWhitish zig-zag pattern in leaves, Height – 4ft
22Gracilis Snake PlantLeaves curved inwards, Height – 1ft
23Fischeri Snake PlantGrey banded pattern, cupped mature leaves Height – 3ft
24Patens Snake PlantGrooves in leaves, Height – 3ft
25Ballyi Snake PlantYellow-green leaves growing in runner-like fashionHeight – 1ft

Not to worry, Snake Plant is fuss-free. Just have the basic conditions right, it gives you delight.


Lighting for snake plants is very simple – A bright and indirect light is the best. This is enough for the plant growth and for the elegant variegations to develop. Too much direct light will burn leaves and cause brown dead spots while low light will slow the growth. 

Temperature & Humidity

Snake plant loves a warm temperature like 20⁰C to 30⁰C. It does not like cold chilly weather and temperatures below 10⁰C are harmful and can cause frost injury. You can conveniently grow this indoors with 40% to 50% humidity and enjoy the clean air in your space.


Should I say “This is where you have to be careful” or “This is where you dont have to care”? But I can definitely say watering types of snake plants is not a big deal.

Just remember two common rules – 

  • Water only when the soil becomes dry
  • When watered, the soil should be moist and not wet.

Snake plants are succulents, so watering 10-15 days once is sufficient in summer and spring. In winter reduce the watering to 25 days once and still your snake plants will be happy and healthy.  Water them in small portions so that all the soil gets moistened and when poured in large amounts, only the topsoil will get wet, the rest goes out through the drainage hole and your efforts will go in vain. 


What type of soil for snake plant to use is the next thing you would ask me. Here the thumb rule is “use a well-draining soil”. This will come in handy if at all you water more. Snake plants grow well in any kind of soil, but for them to live long and healthy, these are minute things that we can do, as they do care for us in a large way. 

Make a porous soil mixture with the following

  • Loamy soil – 2 parts
  • Coarse sand – 1 part
  • Perlite – 1 part
  • Coco-peat – 1 part

See to that you add soil in a higher proportion than others for the root support and nutrients. Sand will help in giving the porous texture and aeration while cocopeat and perlite will absorb the water and aid in retaining the moisture content for long. 

Snake plant is very versatile such that you can create a whole garden with just the different types of snake plants. You can add colour, variety and texture with the types of snake plants both indoors as well as your outdoor garden. It also multiples well and small new plants develop into new plants called as ‘pups’. This makes the propagation a lot more easier by just dividing these small plants and growing them separately.

Even if you are a gardening beginner, do not worry a lot about its care as this plant has a very easy maintenance. With just a little care it cares for us even more by tidying our air. This little green friend of our is definitely a ‘Big Wonder in a Small Package”

Shobanaa Krishnan
Shobanaa Krishnan

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