Top 15 Night Blooming Flowers | Flowers that Bloom at Night

Night Blooming Flowers- Earth is full of beautiful creatures, flowers are one of them. Various types of flowers are present on Earth. Flowers are of various uses like for the extraction of essential oil, in perfumes, for ornamental purposes, for the worship of gods, etc. In this blog post, I am going to tell you about the 15 Night Blooming flowers that bloom at night, their features and many more.

Top 15 Night Blooming Flowers | Flowers that bloom at night

1-Gardenia/Cape Jasmine – Flowers that blooms at night

It is a super white flowering plant. Also known as cape jasmine. It blooms from mid-spring to mid-summer. It is cherished for its beautiful and pleasing scent. It’s native to the coffee family. It is used in the decoration of indoor areas, the balcony, etc

GardeniaCape Jasmine - Night Blooming Flowers
Gardenia/Cape Jasmine – Night Blooming Flowers
Botanical nameGardenia jasminoides
Plant typeEvergreen shrub
Propagation methodCuttings
ColourWhite and creamy yellow
originSouthern china and Japan
Blooming seasonLate spring to early summer
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2-Tuberose/ Rajnigandha

It has a deep pleasing and beautiful fragrance. The waxy and starry white flowers are elegantly arranged on the spikes- it blooms during the night throughout the year. It is one of the most important tropical ornamental flowering plants cultivated for the production of long-lasting flower spikes. It has been cherished for the aromatic oils extracted from their flowers.

Tuberose - Night Blooming Flowers
Tuberose – Night Blooming Flowers
Botanical namePolianthus tuberose
Plant typePerennial garden plant
Propagation methodBulbs, bulbets and seeds
ColourWhite, pink, orange, yellow, red, purple
Blooming seasonBulbs, bulblets and seeds

3-Night blooming jasmine

It gets this name from the tubular greenish-white or yellow flowers that emit a highly fragrant scent, glowing flowers at night and are attractive to butterflies and other pollinators. All parts of the night-blooming jasmine, but especially the berries, are toxic to people and animals.

Night blooming jasmine - Night Blooming Flowers
Night blooming jasmine – Night Blooming Flowers
Night blooming jasmine
Botanical nameCestrum nocturnum
Plant typeShrub
Propagation methodCuttings, layering, budding, grafting, sucker, tissue culture
ColourWhite- yellow
originWest indies
Blooming seasonSpring, summer


It is also known as the thorn apple. It is used for the purpose of drugs, for their showy flowers, and some species are considered weeds too. The flowers that glow can be white, yellow, pink or purple and produce a spiny capsule fruit with numerous seeds.

Datura - Night Blooming Flowers
Datura – Night Blooming Flowers
Botanical nameDatura stramonuim
Plant typeA widespread annual plant
Propagation methodSeeds and cuttings
ColourPure white to pinkish purple
originNative to dry, temperate, and subtropical regions of the Americas
Blooming seasonMarch to November

5-Four o’ clock – Flowers that glow at night naturally

It is also known as the marvel of Peru. It has slightly oval leaves on branching stems. Length is approximately 2 inches long, blooms are trumpet-shaped with five petals. The shades of this night flower plant are pink and red. It is a fast-growing plant and almost all the parts of this plant are toxic both to humans and pests.

Four o clock - Night Blooming Flowers
Four o clock – Night Blooming Flowers
Four o’ clock                   
Botanical nameMirabilis jalapa
Plant typeHerbaceous, perennial
Propagation methodSeeds
ColourWhite, yellow, pink, magenta and red
originTropical South America in the Andes
Blooming seasonSummer

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It has incredible beauty and a powerful fragrance. It features large, heart-shaped, dark green leaves, and slightly prickly stems. They are typically white flower and grows around 6 inches long. the blooms unfurl from cone-shaped buds as the sun goes down, as well as on the cloudy days.

Moonflower - Night Blooming Flowers
Moonflower – Night Blooming Flowers
Moon flower
Botanical nameIpomea alba
Plant typeTender perennial, vine
Propagation methodSowing or cutting
originTropical rainforest of Brazil
Blooming seasonLate summer and early fall

7-Blue water lily

It is an aquatic plant of freshwater lakes, pools and rivers, naturally found throughout most of the eastern half of Africa, as well as part of southern Arabia. It has tuberous rhizome. One plant can spread over an area of about 1 meter.

Blue water lily - Night Blooming Flowers
Blue water lily – Night Blooming Flowers
Blue water lily
Botanical nameNymphaea caerulea
Plant typeAquatic plant
Propagation methodBy dividing a mature plant
originEgypt’s Nile river
Blooming seasonSummer
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8-Parijat – Flowers that light up at night

It is also known as the Night flowering plants jasmine or coral jasmine. These night flowers become less vibrant during the day, the tree is commonly referred to as the “tree of sorrow”. In India, this flower is also known as “Harsringar or The Gods Ornament.” The blooms open at night and fall from the branches as soon as the sun rises.

Parijat - Night Blooming Flowers
Parijat – Night Blooming Flowers
Botanical nameNycatanthus arbor-tritis
Plant typeTree
Propagation methodCutting
originSouth Asia and south east Asia
Blooming seasonAugust to December

9-Evening primrose

It has a beautiful and delicate appearance. The flower is best sown in late fall, grows quickly and blooms each summer. It has beautiful lemon-scented yellow flowers and has 4 petals. This flower is mainly used as an essential oil that helps to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Evening primrose - Night Blooming Flowers
Evening primrose – Night Blooming Flowers
Evening primerose
Botanical nameOenothera biennis
Plant typeHerbaceous flowering plant
Propagation methodSeeds
ColourLight yellow
origin Evening primrose
Blooming seasonEarly summer to early fall

10-Night phlox – Plants that glow at night

Night phlox blooms in different shades such as purple, white and maroon. It offers a honey-almond, vanilla fragrance. Summer flowers of night phlox plants attract bees, birds, and butterflies.

Night phlox - Night Blooming Flowers
Night phlox – Night Blooming Flowers
Night phlox
Botanical nameZalizianskya ovata
Plant typeAlpine perennial
Propagation methodSeeds
ColourCreamy white
originLesotho and south Africa
Blooming seasonMid to late summer

11-Angel’s trumpet

Angel’s trumpets are evergreen plants with many branching trunks and are typically less than 8 meters in height. Large pendulous flowers have a fused trumpet-shaped corolla and can be white, yellow, orange, red, pink or greenish in colour. Most of the species are fragrant at night.

Angel’s trumpet - Night Blooming Flowers
Angel’s trumpet – Night Blooming Flowers
Angel’s trumpet
Botanical nameBrugmansia
Plant typeAnnual, shrub
Propagation methodCuttings
ColourWhite, pink, yellow, gold, orange, peach and pink
originSouth America, The Andes
Blooming seasonSummer into fall

12-Night scented orchid

These flowers that glow at night attracts pollinators by mimicking fungi in both shape and scent. This orchid produces 4- 10 dark green leaves that are elliptic in shape and alternate on the stem and up to 5 flowers on a short-stemmed raceme.

Night scented orchid - Night Blooming Flowers
Night scented orchid – Night Blooming Flowers
Night scented orchid
Botanical nameEpidendrum nocturnum
Plant typePerennial herb
Propagation methodCuttings
originAmazonia, Rio De Janerio
Blooming seasonJuly to January


It has tubular and trumpet-shaped flowers. It sometimes releases a potent fragrance. It appears in shades of green, white, red and pastels. It is an annual plant that grows 1 to 3 meters high and is sticky hair on all parts.

Nicotiana - Night Blooming Flowers
Nicotiana – Night Blooming Flowers
Botanical nameNicotiana tobacum
Plant typeA small tree
Propagation methodSeeds
ColourWhite, pink, purple, red, yellow and green
originIndigenous to the Americas, Australia, southwestern Africa and the south Pacific
Blooming seasonSummer to autumn

14-Casa Blanca lily

The night plant has gorgeous flowers that bloom in the mid to late summer. It thrives in cooler regions and can tolerate poorer soil conditions. These are easy to grow in perennial regions. This lily mainly prefers full sun but will also grow in part sun to part shade.

Casa Blanca lily - Night Blooming Flowers
Casa Blanca lily – Night Blooming Flowers
Casa blanca lily
Botanical name  Casa Blanca lily
Plant typeBulbs, perennials
Propagation methodThrough bulbs
ColourPure white with reddish brown anther
originAsia, North America and Europe
Blooming seasonMid to late summer

15-Evening stock

It is also known as the evening stock plants and reaches its peak fragrance at twilight. It is easy to grow and can thrive in a wide range of soil situations. Flowers may be single or double and appears in a shade of rose, pale pink, lavender, magenta, maroon or white.

Evening stock - Night Blooming Flowers
Evening stock – Night Blooming Flowers
Evening stock
Botanical nameMatthiola longipetala
Plant typeHardy annual plant
Propagation methodStock
ColourPink to purple
originSoutheastern Europe
Blooming seasonSoutheastern Europe
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Pollinators of Night blooming flower:

Some insects find warm shelter for the night inside flowers. In exchange, they pollinate the hospitable plants, just as certain bumblebees do with a furry composite flower of Sussurea found in the Himalayas. Nocturnal bees and Moths are the pollinators of night-blooming flowers.


Not only these there are lots of night-blooming flowers on the earth which we can use for beautiful moon gardening. These flowers have beautiful appearances as well as refreshing fragrant. Moon gardening is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors in the cool of the evening.

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