Top10 Fast Growing Trees in India: Nature’s Blessings.

Trees are nature’s spectacular gifts. We all crave that sweet spot to hang out with our favorite people – climbing your spot, throwing up a fancy house, and circling it with some top-notch trees is a dream for many. Are you Wondering which trees are ideal for your place? No stress, we’ve got your back with a list of the fast growing trees in India to amp up your land. 

Our ancestors believed trees were great listeners, a spot to spill our thoughts when solitude hits.  Each part of a tree is a win for humans, but we often miss the memo. Whether you’re dreaming of your paradise or just curious about trees, consider this your guide, Buckle up for this exploration. Join us on a journey to explore the fast-growing trees in India, loaded with a gazillion interesting fun.

Aww…we often see almonds in our favorite chocolates; they help us connect with people.  Almond trees are the fast growing trees in India, found in Jammu & Kashmir and the Himalayas. These trees reach 10 to 25 feet in height from winter to summer. Almond trees boast fragrant flowers ranging from pink to white and typically grow in about 5 years. Almond trees used to cure digestive problems and enhance brain functions.  Let’s try growing these trees with a million benefits. Almond Trees are considered as one of the fast growing shade trees in India.

Almond Tree – Fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Famous Trees in India – Almond Trees

Years required for full growth3 to 4 years
UsesNuts are edible, making furniture
Other NamesAlmond Nut Tree, Prunus Tree
Height15 to 30 feet tall

Any Clue? Our incredible planet boasts around 3 Trillion Trees and serve as guardians of our ecosystem.

Amrood trees, native to North India, give us guavas. These trees grow fast, about 10 to 15 feet tall, and stick around for up to 40 years. People often plant them at home for the tasty fruit. Guavas are like the “apple of the tropics,” and each fruit packs 400 to 500 seeds. Not just yummy, Amrood trees are also good for your immune system. Amroods are called “super fruits” for their Nutrient richness. In India, Amrood trees are super common fruit tree in India because they come with a bunch of benefits. Amrood Trees are the best trees for home garden in India. If you’re into growing trees in your home with delicious fruits, give Amrood a shot!

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Amrood Tree – Fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Fruit Tree in India – Guava Trees

Years required for full growth3 to 4 years
UsesFruits are edible and used in juices, desserts
Other NamesGuava Tree
Height15 to 30 feet tall

Ever laid eyes on nature’s living rainbow? The rainbow eucalyptus is stunning with its vibrant hues. Take a look sometime.

Hey there! Enjoy the refreshing taste of affordable lemon juice in India, known for its energizing qualities. Nimbu trees, native to Asia, are year-round blooming trees, that grow 16 to 26 feet. Not just a source of hydration, lemon leaves contribute to invigorating tea and offer medicinal benefits.

Remarkably, Nimbu trees can thrive for up to a century, boasting rich vitamin C content and serving as natural antibacterial agents. Consider growing these versatile trees indoors for a daily dose of healthy, homemade juice! Nimbu trees are fast growing trees in India that can thrive indoors too. In France, the Fete du Citron festival celebrates the vibrant beauty of oranges and lemons, adorning the streets. Don’t miss the chance to experience this unique festival at least once in your lifetime.

Nimbu Tree – Fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Garden Tree in India – Lemon Trees

Years required for full growth5 to 7 years
UsesLemons are used in beverages and have medicinal properties.
Other NamesLemon Tree, Citrus Tree
Height10 to 20 feet

When feeling down, forget being single, hug a tree for stress relief and embrace your green companion

Want to enhance your hair growth at home? Consider cultivating amla trees in your garden. These fast growing trees in India grow 30 to 40 feet. Their fruits are called gooseberries, known for their medicinal properties. Amla trees bear fruit 4 to 5 years post-planting, suitable for both outdoor and indoor gardens, with a lifespan of up to 70 years.

Amla Trees are common trees for home garden in India, frequently utilized in shampoos and hair oils, promoting hair strength and skin health. Additionally, amla is a potent source of vitamin C. Embraced for its positive energy, Amla Trees are a common sight in Indian households.

Amla Tree – Fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Fruit Tree in India – Amla Trees

Years required for full growth8 to 10 years
UsesFruit is edible and has medicinal properties.
Other NamesEmblic Tree, Indian Gooseberry Tree
Height20 to 25feet

Trees, nature’s pearl store memories of the past within them to adapt to the environment.

We’ve often heard about bamboo as a tree, but it’s a type of grass that can reach heights of up to 30 meters. Bamboos are famous trees in India known for its fast growing and is extensively used in construction, furniture production, and fabric-making. Moreover, bamboo plays a crucial role in reducing air pollution and reducing soil erosion There are over 1200 species of bamboo, which are not only used as fences but also crafted into various handicrafts. Bamboo has a lifespan of up to 100 years.

Bamboo Tree – Fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Evergreen Tree in India – Bamboo Trees

Years required for full growth3 to 5 years
UsesUsed in construction and making furniture
Other NamesGiant Grass, Bamboo Plant
HeightGrow up to 100 feet

The Baobab tree, natural reservoir stores water in rainy days and use it in dry periods. Amazing idea..

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Imagine the largest bedroom beneath its branches, embracing the beauty of nature. some trees offer shelter to humans. Are you guessing the right yeah.. The Banyan tree, India’s national tree, is Native to India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Banyan trees are fast growing trees in India that can reach 100 feet in height and live for 500 years. 

Banyan trees are one of the fast growing shade trees in India used in crafting paper and furniture, they also have medicinal properties, improving immunity and treating diarrhea. banyan is Used in furniture-making and for improving immunity, it serves as a home for birds and bats.  Let’s appreciate these majestic trees and enjoy a tranquil rest under their comforting shade! Humans can spend valuable time under this beautiful tree, enjoying nature.

Banyan Tree – fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Shade Tree in India – Banyan Trees

Years required for full growthSeveral years
UsesOrnamental and provide shade
Other NamesIndian Fig Tree, Banyan Fig Tree
HeightGrow up to 100 feet or more

The great Amazon Forest creates 20% of world’s oxygen. Let’s make our homes in its caring shade

Neem trees are famous trees in India native to the Indian subcontinent. An unknown fact is that neem serves as an alternative to tobacco The leaves of the Neem Tree are used to cure malaria and dental problems. nowadays pest management is crucial in agriculture it helps to kill pests and insects. Neem is used in insecticides and pesticides. Neem Trees are one of the fast growing shade trees in India also used in Indian Homes for various purposes.

Neem Tree – Fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Home Garden Tree in India – Neem Trees

Years required for full growth10 to 15
UsesUsed as pesticides and have medicinal properties
Other NamesIndian lilac Tree, Margosa Tree
Height50 to 65 feet

Trees can chat and support each other under the ground, showing communication isn’t just for humans.

These trees, native to India, have various species and can reach heights of 60 to 80 meters. Coral Trees are best for landscaping for their attractive flowers. Many trees around the world boast both beauty and medicinal properties, among them are Coral trees, also known as tiger’s claw due to their stunning red flowers. Coral Trees are famous trees in India grown for their alluring look. Beyond their ornamental appeal, Coral trees are valued for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Coral Tree – Fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Landscaping Tree in India – Coral Trees

Years required for full growth4 to 5 years
UsesOrnamental trees
Other NamesFlame Tree, Tiger’s Claw Tree
Height30 to 40 feet

Trees rings hold secrets.. They tell us how old the tree is. Pretty cool, huh?

Are you a fan of shade-giving trees? The Silver Oak stands out,  used in windbreaks, preventing soil erosion. Silver Oak Tree fast-growing trees can grow up to 30 to 35 meters and play a vital role in nitrogen fixation. The Silver Oak Trees used in various industries including construction and furniture production. The Silver Oak truly brings a lot to the table, or should I say, to the forest. Silver Oak trees offer multifaceted benefits.

Fast Growing Trees in India
Silver Oak Tree – Fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Beautiful Tree in India – Silver Oak Trees

Years required for full growth10 to 15 years
UsesMaking furniture
Other NamesSilky Oak Tree, Roble Tree, Grevillea Tree
HeightGrow up to 100 feet tall

Mangrove forests are natural purifiers, they can filter salt up to 90 percentage.

Papaya Trees are one of the famous trees in India for its fruit..papaya. We’ve all tasted the orange-colored fruit with delicious, juicy pulp. These trees are among the fastest-growing and can yield fruit in just 6 to 12 months. Papayas are rich in Vitamin C and have been used to treat malaria trees have white-colored flowers, and they possess medicinal properties. Papaya Trees are best trees for home garden in India.

Papaya Tree – Fast Growing Trees in India

Delving into Fruit Tree in India – Papaya Trees

Years required for full growth10 to 12 Months
UsesFruits are edible
Other NamesPawpaw Tree, Papaya Plant
HeightGrow up to 10 -12 meters tall

Trees, like true friends, warn each other of danger through secret signals via roots.

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S.No NameScientific NameUsesYears Required for reach full growthHeight
1Safed SirisAlbizia lebbeckFirewood, Fodder2 to 3 years20 – 30 feet
2Subabul TreeLeucaena leucocephalaTimber, Firewood2 to 3 years20 – 30 trees
3Rain TreeSamanea samanOrnamental, making furnitureAround 5 years50 – 60 feet
4Pomegranate TreePunica granatumFruits are edible3 to 5 years12- 20 feet
5Mulberry Tree
( White )
Morus albaUsed in jam5 to 10 years25 – 30 feet  
6Teak TreeTectona grandisUsed in making furniture20 to 25 years100 feet
7Sapota TreeManilkara zapotaFruits are edible 4 to 5 years30 – 50 feet
8Carambola TreeAverrhoa carambolaFruits used in juices, salads4 to 6 years20 to 30 feet
9Mango TreeMangifera indicaFruits are edible5 to 7 years30 – 45 years
10Custard Apple TreeAnnona squamosaFruits are used in Desserts4 to 6 years15 – 25 feet


Trees hold a special place in our world. We all value building homes for our families. Similarly, humans should prioritize creating habitats for birds and animals, as trees serve as homes for millions of creatures. Trees help humans in producing oxygen, are used in industries, serve as food, provide shelter, protect nature by controlling erosion, etc. Let’s strive to make our Earth happier by nurturing these natural wonders, and fostering a sustainable environment for generations to come.

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