Top 23 Garden Tools and Their Uses Everyone Must Know

If there is one hobby that everyone wants to do or is excited to do, it is gardening. But there is something that gives us more joy than enjoying your home garden on a quiet weekend:- nurturing and maintaining it. This is where the role of garden tools comes in. These are straightforward tools that are used for maintaining your home gardens. 

Today we are here with a list of the most popular and essential gardening tools and their uses with pictures one must have in his house.

Garden tools, based on their utility can be broadly classified into

Use  Examples 
DiggingForks, Spades, Shovel
WateringSprinklers, Watering cans, Hose
Cutting Knives, Pruning Shears, Pruning Saw
Planting toolsDibbers, Trowel
Cultivating toolsRake
Power toolsLeaf blower, Lawn mower, String trimmer, Pole saw, Chain saw, Hedge trimmer, Tiller
Others Gardening gloves and boots, Knee pads, Wheelbarrow, Compost bins

Now, let us examine those garden tools and their uses.

Sowing seeds is one of the most cumbersome processes in gardening. You have to make holes with your fingers or sticks and ensure the pit is of proper depth all while you are bending your knees and back. A gardener can understand the insufferable back pain after a round of continuous sowing. Lucky for you, a dibber can help you with this task.

The dibber has a handle made of wood or plastic and a long pointy end that is used to make holes. The seeds can be sown in these holes. Today the dibbers are available in different versions like Burgon and ball dibbers,  garden gear dibbers, Spear and Jackson dibbers, and so on.

Dibber | Garden Tools and Their Uses
  • Assist in sowing seeds
  • Used to measure the depth of pits.

Also known as a digging fork, spading fork, and pitchfork, the garden fork is a bigger version of the table fork. The tool has a long handle and a base with 4 or more short and strong tines. 

The short and sturdy tines help to penetrate the garden soil easily and help to loosen and turn the soil for better aeration. There are different types of garden forks based on utility

  • Digging fork: 4 or 5 tines present, used for digging and loosening the soil.
  • Border fork: smaller than a digging fork and used for planting bulbs and seedlings.
  • Manure fork: used for incorporating manure in the field.
Garden Fork | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Garden Fork

The main uses of the garden fork are

  • Preparation of planting beds
  • Mixing compost or manure
  • Aerate the lawn
  • For harvesting root vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots, etc.) 

The spade is the most important tool not just for a garden but for any household. The spade consists of a wooden or metallic handle connected to a rectangular metal plate that is sharp on one edge. Its most important use is in breaking hard lumps of soil to facilitate better aeration and better planting.

Spade | Garden Tools and Their Uses
  • Breaking hard lumps of soil
  • Digging pits and preparation of trenches
  • Preparation of basins around plants
  • Weeding 
  • In construction works
  • Mixing and preparing compost and manure

A shovel is a tool having a handle and a wide curved metallic blade attached to it. The shovel is almost similar to the spade. However, in the spade, the blade is positioned perpendicular to the handle whereas, in the shovel, the blade is in line with the handle.

According to the job requirement, different types of shovels are used each having certain specifications that are apt for a particular job.

Shovel - Garden Tools and Their Uses with pictures
  • Digging holes and trenches
  • Dumping
  • Removing large rocks
  • Planting trees
  • Removing snow

A hand trowel is a tool that is perhaps more popular in masonry than in gardening. Trowels are traditionally made of carbon steel. However, stainless steel is also used.

The garden trowel is a hand tool with a scoop-shaped metal blade and a plastic, wood, or steel handle. It is a miniature form of the spade or shovel and is easy to use. Numerous types of trowels are used like bricklayer’s trowel, pointing trowel, float trowel, pool trowel, etc.

Hand Trowel - Garden Tools and Their Uses with pictures
Hand Trowel
  • Digging small holes for planting bulbs and small plants
  • To remove weeds
  • Scooping up soil
  • To apply plaster in masonry

As the name indicates, pruning shears are used for pruning.  Pruning is a horticultural practice that involves the selective removal of plant parts like branches, buds, or roots.  This reduces diseases and incentivizes better commercial growth. Electric versions that operate with the help of a motor are also available.

Pruning Shears | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Pruning Shears
  • To remove unwanted parts of plants
  • To remove diseased parts to prevent disease spread in plants
  • Harvesting flowers and fruits

A garden hoe is an ancient tool used for gardening and landscaping for 4000 years. The earliest record of the instrument dates back to the Egyptian civilizations. The garden hoe consists of a flat paddle-shaped blade perpendicularly attached to a long wooden handle. The blade may be made of stainless steel or carbon. 

The garden hoe is used for preparing soil, cultivating weeds, etc. There are different garden hoes based on size, shape, and utility. Standard garden hoe, Stirrup hoe, Scuffle hoe, Warren hoe, and collinear hoe are some examples.

Garden Hoe  -Garden Tools and Their Uses with pictures
Garden Hoe
  • Weed control
  • Seed-bed preparation
  • Soil aeration
  • Digging trenches
  • Preparing bunds

A rake is a garden implement consisting of a bar with numerous tines connected transversely to a handle.

The rake is used to sweep fallen leaves, hay, and plant debris which are unfavorable in the garden. Hand rakes and mechanized rakes are available and the latter is used for heavy work in large farms.

Rake - Garden Tools and Their Uses with pictures
  • Collecting leaves, hay, etc.
  • Loosening and aerating the soil.

A chainsaw is the modern-day equivalent of the traditional handsaw. The chainsaw has an engine which may be an internal combustion engine or an electric motor, which is the most crucial part of the chainsaw. The other crucial parts are

  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Sprocket assembly
  • Guide bars
  • Gauge holes
  • Oil holes
  • Guide slote

A chainsaw is an easy instrument to use. So one should exercise proper caution while using the chainsaw. With that in mind let’s look at some uses of chainsaw

Chainsaw | Garden Tools and Their Uses
  • Cutting trees and wood
  • Carving
  • Creating joints
  • In surgeries and medical procedures
  • Creating holes in ice

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They are cutting tools, or shears used for gardening. Lopping shears have long handles and a hook-like scissor head. They are used to cut branches, roots, and vines that are impossible with regular pruning shears. The long handles of the lopping shears easily distinguish them from the lopping shears. The handle length ranges between 9 to 21 inches.

The lopping shears are made of carbon fiber or aluminum to reduce weight. The aluminum ones are cheaper than the carbon fiber ones. The handles are covered with plastic shock-absorbing grips for protection.

Lopping Shears -Garden Tools and Their Uses with pictures
Lopping Shears
  • To remove unwanted branches, roots, and vines 

A compost bin is a container made of high-quality plastic that is used to store organic waste which is later converted to compost. Hence a compost bin is the perfect garden tool to invest your money in. 

They are enclosed structures that prevent the entry of rodents and insects and restrict the diffusion of foul odor outside. 

Compost Bin | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Compost Bin
  • Preparation of compost
  • To dispose of organic waste

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If any tool can solely represent a garden, then it is the watering can. The watering can is one of the oldest gardening tools which has been in use since at least A. D 79. 

The watering can, also known as the watering pot, consists of a container connected to a handle and a rose through a narrow connecting pipe called the spout. The rose (rosette) is the funnel-shaped end connected to the spout having many holes through which water is poured.   

Watering Can | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Watering Can
  • Watering plants
  • Wetting the soil for planting
  • In roadworks for applying bitumen to asphalt
  • As ornaments

The garden knife is the simplest instrument on this list. It only has a handle usually of wood or plastic and a sharp blade. But its utility in the garden is just outstanding.

Many different types of garden knives come in various shapes and sizes and tend to different activities. One of the most popular is the Hori Hori knife. The knife originated in Japan and the word ‘hori’ means to dig in Japanese. Hori hori knife has serrated blades useful for digging and cutting through roots. 

The knives are mainly made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Since it is exposed to a lot of moisture during its use, it is advised to take proper care to prevent rusting. Also, sharpening must be done occasionally to maintain the sharpness of the knife.

Garden Knife | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Garden Knife
  • Cutting roots and plant parts
  • Digging small holes
  • Weeding
  • Transplanting
  • Cutting sod

As we have just learned about the pruning shears, understanding the pruning saw is easy. The pruning saw is a heavy-duty version of the pruning shears that is used to do work of high magnitude like pruning thick and strong branches. 

The pruning saw has a curved stainless-steel blade with sharp teeth and a plastic or wooden handle. 

Pruning Saw | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Pruning Saw
  • Trim unwanted branches of shrubs and trees
  • Cut larger limbs of trees

The wheelbarrow is designed in such a way that the distribution of weight is even throughout and not just on the operator. The typical capacity of a wheelbarrow is 100 liters.

Wheelbarrow | Garden Tools and Their Uses
  • Transporting garden plants, implements, etc.
  • In construction for transporting various items

Also known as the hand weeder or dandelion digger, the garden weeder is a simple hand tool used for weeding in your garden. Although we have already looked at tools like spades, hoes, and trowels that help in weeding, the hand weeder is the best for small-scale weeding.  

The garden weeder has fork metal ends that aid in pilling out the weeds effectively. It is a simple handheld tool and is effective only in weeding in small areas and for concentrated weddings.

Garden Weeder | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Garden Weeder
  • Weeding
  • Pulling out plants

Similar to the watering can, the garden hose is used for watering plants in the garden. But the difference is in the effort. While watering cans require proximity for watering, garden hoses do not. They are much more efficient than watering cans. However, garden hoses waste more water than water cans.

Garden Hose | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Garden Hose
  • Watering plants
  • Cleaning the garden

Some people enjoy gardening so much that they are willing to use their bare hands for all the activities including manuring and planting. Although it may be essential to show that you have the “gardener spirit” in you, it is always important to exercise caution. Garden Gloves are tools made of rubber that easily fit in your hand.

Garden Gloves | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Garden Gloves
  • For protection during gardening works

The Auger has a pointed part at the end called the feed screw which helps in penetrating the soil. The twisted corkscrews help in going deeper into the soil. 

The auger utilizes the rotating force provided by the operator to make deeper holes so that only less force needs to be given by the operator. 

Auger | Garden Tools and Their Uses
  • Creating holes for planting
  • For fixing fence posts
  • Collecting soil for analysis

The lawn mower may have an engine that operates the blades or it may simply be a mechanical device that utilises the rotation of the wheels to operate the blades. The engine might be an Internal combustion engine powered by fossil fuels or an electric motor powered by electricity.

The height at which the grass has to be cut can be adjusted by the operator. Sometimes the height may also be pre-adjusted during manufacturing. The lawn mower plays a crucial part in enhancing the beauty of your gardens

Lawn Mower | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Lawn Mower
  • Levelling lawn grass

A leaf blower is a gasoline or electric motor-powered device that is used to clear debris from your garden. It blows air out of a nozzle which then clears the wastes like leaves and grass cuttings from the ground. There are also blower vacs which are leaf blowers that can also act as a vacuum sucking leaves, grasses, and small twigs inside to a bag attached to the device.

Leaf Blower | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Leaf Blower
  • To clear debris like leaves, grass cuttings, twigs, and others.

The tiller consists of handles, an engine, a motor assembly, and the tines that till the soil. The engine may be gas-powered or electric-powered. The tiller has to be directed by the operator.

Tiller | Garden Tools and Their Uses
  • Preparation of field
  • Removal of weeds
  • Destruction of soil pest

Also known as shrub trimmers or bush trimmers are special tools designed for trimming (pruning) hedges or shrubs. Hedge trimmers are available in manual and powered versions.

The manual trimmer is a bigger version of the Pruning Shears. There are hedge trimmers that are mounted on tractors as well.

The form of hedges is of utmost importance and even small discrepancies can ruin the symmetry of the hedges. So it is important to maintain the hedges with utmost care.

Hedge Trimmers | Garden Tools and Their Uses
Hedge Trimmers
  • Trimming hedges
  • Pruning shrubs

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Till now we have looked at some amazing garden tools and their uses. However, one has to be pragmatic while choosing gardening tools. You have to consider the scale, size, and type of plants in the garden before choosing the tools. There is no need for a pruning saw if the garden is exclusively for herbs. So friends choose the right tools and it will significantly reduce your workload and make your garden more beautiful.

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