Sana Khan Vermicompost: Top Agri Startup from Animal Waste

Sana Khan Vermicompost: Sana Khan coming from Meerut city Of Uttar Pradesh running a successful agritech-based startup of producing vermicompost for 9 years and making a turnover of approx 10 Crore as in the year 2022 and giving employment to hundreds of laborers.

Early Life of Sana Khan

Sana belonged to a middle-class family whose father was a Tailor(garment maker). She was a very bright student. She wanted to pursue Medicine but unfortunately, she fell short of 18 ranks for grabbing an MBBS seat. She then decided to pursue B Tech Biotechnology.

She was never an agriculture background person. In the final year of her degree, she was allotted a project on waste management of agriculture waste, industrial waste, and cattle dung. She was introduced to the concept of making Vermicompost with earthworms.

She started working with earthworms and gained knowledge of vermicompost production. After completing of her degree, she got a job letter from an MNC. But she decided not to join and go further with Sana Khan Vermicompost produce.

Starting of Sana Khan Vermicompost Plant

As Sana was not from an agricultural background she faced a lot of hurdles in her initial journey. After deciding to pursue Vermicompost production she, with the help of her brother, started working on a small rented farm plot in a rural area. 

The earthworms she used in her final year project were used again in her first plot as earthworms have a tendency to multiply. She was using an Australian variety of worms called Eisenia Fetida which has the great ability to convert Cow dung into vermicompost.

In her starting days, she used to work herself with the help of 1 hired labor. From buying Cow dung to making vermicompost it was challenging work for her.

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She with her initial experience in college projects managed to produce “Sana Khan vermicompost” but selling to farmers was a challenge as well. Because farmers were dependent on Chemical fertilizers and pesticides and lack of knowledge on Organic farming farmers were reluctant to her.

She with her brother Junaid Khan then decided to market their product to retail shops and nurseries. They got satisfying results with them. And from here her business started to get traction.

Entrepreneurial Journey Of Sana Khan As SJ Vermicompost in Organic Farming

After Getting convincing results Sana with her brother Junaid and Husband Syed Akram started a company called “SJ Organics Vermicompost”. Here are the S.J organics photos.

Sana Khan Vermicompost
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As she was getting acknowledgment and from word of mouth farmers started taking interest in her product. She started educating farmers and agriculture workers about her Sana Khan vermicompost and how it will help their crops to be free from chemical toxicity, one can grow fully S J organics Meerut crops.

Soon she started getting a lot of requirements(demand) for her product. She then shifted her plant to the Government Intercollege ground in Meerut. She then hired contractors for labors, buying cow dung. She even invested in machinery that will help with precision and time reduction and easy management. 

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She in collaboration with Meerut Nagar Nigam officials started workshops for farmers about SJ organics Meerut growing of crops using vermicompost. In that workshop, she educated farmers with benefits and how they can start their own Sana Khan vermicompost plants.

She even hosts training programs for college students and special workshops for women only in which she talks about women empowerment and women entrepreneurship.

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Currently Sana owns a 1.5 Acre land in Meerut. She started distributing her products in different parts of the country like Ghaziabad, Delhi to Jammu and Kashmir. Her estimated Sell is 4 Ton per day from which her likely turnover is 10 Crore INR annually. She sells in different forms of packing ranging from 1kg, 2 kg, 5kg, 10kg to 40kg and even sells in loose form.

Recently She started her own laboratory to test the quality of Sana Khan vermicompost and as she is working on a large scale. With the help of her own lab she can meet specific requirements of farmers as their land requires.

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Achievements of Sana Khan

  • She is the Brand Ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan from Meerut Nagar Nigam.
  • She is also the Brand Ambassador of Local For Vocal
  • She was also awarded Entrepreneur Of The Year by Bharat Nirman Foundation.
  • She is also Known As “Meerut Ki Beeti”
  • She was also featured in Mann ki Baat by Honorable PM of India Narendra Modi.

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