February Issue – Times of Agriculture Magazine (Bharat Ratna)

Dear Readers, The greatness of a person is indeed reflected in his actions. This issue of Times of Agriculture magazine is dedicated to 2 great sons of Mother India, Bharat Ratna Chaudhary Charan Singh and Dr. M S Swaminathan. The work done by these two great personalities for farmers has changed the conditions and direction of agriculture. Chaudhary Charan Singh Ji was a pioneer of farmers. He understood every problem of the farmers and protected their interests by fairly solving them. He made his mark as a leader of the farmers. Dr. MS Swaminathan Ji was the father of Green Revolution in India. “He made a significant contribution to feeding the common people of India and changed the tag of Indian agriculture from being a ‘Basket Case’ to a ‘Bread Basket’.”

The Government of India’s decision to award these two great personalities with the Bharat Ratna underscores its commitment to farmers and agriculture. Their lifelong struggles resonated deeply with the Indian people, and their achievements continue to shape the nation’s future. While there is immense joy in celebrating their recognition with the highest civilian award, we also grieve their passing. Truly, these great men were beacons of hope, and their legacies continue to inspire us all. The Times of Agriculture magazine family offers its heartfelt tribute to these two revered figures. Join us in celebrating the lives and legacies of India’s agricultural pioneers — learn, share, and be inspired! Thank you!

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1.Agriculture Updates.
2.Cover Story
Bharat Ratna: Tribute to Agricultural Icons.
3.GreenDay: Revolutionizing agriculture for a healthier tomorrow.
4.Urban agriculture: A route to ensuring food security in India.
5.The future feast: Edible packaging revolutionizing sustainability.
6.Smart farming: The future of agriculture.
7.Using Virtual Reality (VR) in agriculture in context with interpretive structural modeling (ISM): An innovative future prospect.
8.IoT in intelligent packaging.
9.Agri-entrepreneurship in India: A recognized tool for driving economic development in the new millennium.
10.Transforming agriculture: The application of machine learning in crop mapping.
11.Algal bloom in paddy: Its impact and management.
12.From spores to success: The journey of Purvanchal mushroom’s progressive founder.
13.India’s food waste dilemma: A quest for sustainability.
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