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Dear Readers, We are pleased to inform you that May issue (2024) of Times of Agriculture Magazine is being released on the occasion of International Tea Day. In this issue, we have covered various aspects of the tea industry. Indian tea is renowned worldwide for its uniqueness and Flavor. Tea holds a special place in our country; it is one of the most consumed beverages globally, second only to water. Tea plays a unique role in our daily lives, with people consuming different types of tea from morning to night in their own ways. In this issue, we have deeply explored various dimensions of tea. We have also covered the export scenario of Indian tea and its position in the international market.

Apart from that, we have focused particularly on the emerging trend of tea tourism and its contribution to the Indian tourism industry. Touring tea gardens, visiting tea factories, and understanding different methods of tea tasting is a unique and interesting experience that attracts tourists. In this issue, we have described the major tea tourism destinations, their experiences, and possibilities, which you will find not only informative but also may include in your travel plans.

Our constant effort is to provide you with the latest and most interesting information. We believe this issue will be a source of both knowledge and entertainment for you. Your feedback and suggestions are extremely valuable to us. Please write to us and let us know how you found our effort. Thank you and best wishes.

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1.Agriculture Updates.
2.Cover Story
Tea industry in India.
3.Tea Tourism in India.
4.The status of foodgrain production in India: An augmented reality through statistical data.
5.Empowering growth: Women’s role in shaping a sustainable agro-economy in India.
6.Unveiling the hidden wonders of turmeric leaves: A culinary and medicinal treasure.
7.Unlocking the power of chia seeds: The ultimate superfood guide.
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