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Greetings, readers! On behalf of Times of Agriculture Magazine, I wish you a Happy New Year and a joyous 75th Republic Day! This issue focuses on Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), powerful vehicles for empowering farmers nationwide.

FPOs act as registered companies, allowing them to easily access government loans of up to Rs 15 lakh. Through these organizations, farmers gain access to facilities like new technology, agricultural inputs like seeds and fertilizers, marketing support, processing facilities, irrigation systems, and loan assistance. Numerous FPOs are actively working to benefit farmers across the country.

In a nation like India, where landholdings are shrinking, FPOs can be true game-changers. These organizations hold the potential to improve the living standards and economic development of farmers. Recognizing this transformative potential, the Government of India is actively supporting FPO formation and growth, paving the way for a brighter future for our farmers.

Let’s all join hands in this meaningful effort for our farmers! By gaining complete information about FPOs from this issue of Times of Agriculture Magazine, and share this knowledge with farmers in your community. We hope you enjoy this edition. Please share your feedback; it helps us improve and serve you better.

S.No.Article Title
1.Agriculture Updates.
2.Cover Story
The Rise of FPO
3.FPOs Potential in value addition.
4.SHGs in India: Problems & prospects.
5.Navigating the maze of international trade: Understanding non-tariff measures.
6.Greenhouse farming and its impact on sustainable food production.
7.Harnessing nanotechnology for efficient crop residue decomposition.
8.Smart soil solutions: Unveiling the potential of soil sensors.
9.Role of drone technology in Indian agriculture.
10.Agro textiles for smart farming.
11.Hydroponic farming: The way of the future.
12.Greening the horizon: Transformative parks emerging from landfills.
13.Microgreens: Unveiling the tiny powerhouse of nutrition.
14.Entrepreneurship in horticultural crops: Mitigating postharvest losses for sustainable agriculture.
15.Beyond the buzz: The rise of entomophagy in global cuisine and sustainable nutrition.
16.Porcupine predicament: A menace to potato crops in western Uttar Pradesh.
17.Cultivating prosperity: The significance of agriculture in elevating village standard of living.
Farmer Producer Organizations

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