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Dear readers, welcome to the December issue of Times of Agriculture Magazine. It’s essential to understand that life without water is unimaginable. We’re all aware that access to clean drinking water is limited. Therefore, conserving water becomes our top priority. In this edition of “Times of Agriculture Magazine,” we are providing detailed information about groundwater depletion.

As our population grows, we must focus on our limited water resources. If we don’t act, a time may come when many will face challenges accessing clean water. The Indian government has launched initiatives like “Per Drop More Crop” highlighting the importance of every drop of water. We need everyone, especially those in agriculture, to prioritize using water efficiently during farming. We’re witnessing a yearly decline in water levels, leading to dry tube wells in many places. This affects farmers and communities who struggle to get clean drinking water. If we don’t address this issue soon, water shortages could become widespread. This magazine edition discusses groundwater depletion and offers suggestions for conservation. It’s a global issue that needs everyone’s attention to ensure a safe future for the next generations.

We’re grateful for the trust and support you show towards the “Times of Agriculture Magazine.” in each issue, we aim to bring you valuable insights. We hope you find this edition’s cover story informative and engaging. Thank you!

S.No.Article Title
1.Agriculture Update
2.Groundwater Depletion: Overcoming Challenges In Farming.
3.The impact of post-harvest management and agricultural marketing on Food security.
4.Millets: An opportunity for agripreneurs to beat junk food industries.
5.Agro forestry: A lucrative venture for green production and sustainable landscapes.
6.Enhancing agricultural sustainability with sensor-based irrigation systems.
7.Importance of seed priming technology in seed enhancement.
8.Hydroponics: Transforming agriculture for a sustainable food future.
9.Chinampa agriculture: A marvel of ancient farming innovation.
10.Assessing and mitigating heavy metal pollution in soil: Strategies for effective remediation.
11.Fields of innovation: Transforming agriculture with artificial intelligence.
12.Navigating crop residue burning: Sustainable strategies and hurdles.
13.Bioinformatics in agriculture.
14.Beyond labels: The eco-conscious revolution.
15.New emerging trends in agricultural marketing.
16.Population improvement in cross pollinated crops: A concept.
17.Disease prevention in ornamental fish farming.
18.Unearthing nature’s defence harnessing soil and plant microbiomes for resilient disease control amid climate change.
19.Nematodes in seeds: A common presence.
20.The emerging technology to mitigate the root knot nematode by the use of silver nanoparticles.
21.A panacea for the impact of climate change on agriculture.
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