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Dear readers, We are glad to release the April issue of Times of Agriculture magazine, focusing on Agritech startups. In this issue, Raj Yadav, founder of Gramik, shares his views on how he started his journey from selling tea to now being part of one of the leading agritech startups in the country. Gramik is the leading agritech startup revolutionizing agriculture practices, bringing efficiency and prosperity to rural communities. The emergence of agritech startups in India signifies a new era and hope. These initiatives are not only benefiting farmers with new technological advancements but also playing a pioneering role in the field of agriculture. We should support these startups that are paving the way for a new direction in our country’s agriculture. Let’s all come together to support Indian agritech startups and elevate our farming to new heights.

Apart from Gramik, we also covered another agritech startup that has been featured on Shark Tank, namely ‘Growit India‘. Growit founder Saurabh Agrawal shares his views on sustainable agriculture. Environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural techniques and solutions are being developed through the use of innovative technologies. These startups are contributing to increased productivity in farming and bringing about improvements in the entire agricultural process. We hope you enjoy this issue, which includes not only agricultural updates but also informative articles from various authors. We encourage our readers to send us their suggestions, as it inspires us to work with renewed energy. Happy Reading..

Sr.No.Article Title
1.Agriculture Updates.
2.Cover Story
Gramik: Empowering Farmers Through Tech
3.Let’s combine agriculture with nature’s laboratory.
4.Farm data collection: How can it make farmers and agribusiness successful?
5.New horizons in guaranteeing: Food safety and quality with non-thermal techniques and the “hurdle” approach.
6.Millet marvel: Telangana’s millet woman in UN’s fame club.
7.Redgram cultivation on bunds: A popularized and trendsetting cropping technology.
8.Brimato: A two in one grafted plant.
9.Transforming food waste into animal feed: An eco-friendly approach to waste management.
10.Svalbard’s frozen treasures: Safeguarding germplasm for future generations.
11.Carbon pricing: A key solution for climate change.
12.Burlapping: The tree transfer technology.
13.Silk routes: Empowering women entrepreneurs in Assam.
14.Tilapia culture practices in India.
April 2024 - Times of Agriculture Magazine- Gramik
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