March Issue -Times of Agriculture Magazine: AI in Agriculture

Greetings friends. March Issue -Times of Agriculture Magazine has been released focusing on Ai in Agriculture. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and indeed, through the miraculous invention of Artificial Intelligence, the agricultural world is witnessing astonishing transformations in this age, leaving everyone amazed. Just like every time, Times of Agriculture magazine has brought important information for you on the contribution of Artificial Intelligence in the field of agriculture in its latest issue. In this, a new revolution has come to the agricultural world, which can be rightly called a magical revolution. Thanks to this revolution, farmers receive all agricultural-related information accurately and timely. Whether it is about the demand for nutrients for plants, the need for water, or the control of any disease or pest, everything can be identified and treated in time. This revolution is not only filling the agricultural world with new energy but also creating new employment opportunities. Integrating farmers into modernity in this modern age is also an excellent way to benefit them. By using it, farmers can improve their economy. Now all of us must reach out to our farmers with the method of its use, and this will only be possible when we have complete knowledge of it.

So let us all read this issue and share this interesting information with our farmers so that by using it, our farmers can showcase their agricultural products at the global level. stay connected with new information, and read the latest issue of Times of Agriculture magazine.
Thank you.

Highlights of March Issue – Ai in Agriculture

  • Agriculture Updates
  1. AI in Agriculture
  2. Revolutionizing food science and nutrition the impact of artificial intelligence and big data analytics
  3. Superfoods: The nutritional powerhouses.
  4. Exploring floral fermentation from tradition to innovation.
  5. Unlocking the flavors: Spectroscopy techniques for food quality evaluation.
  6. Nannari: A delicious healthy drink.
  7. Supercritical fluid (CO2) extrusion: A novel food processing alternative.
  8. From drain to grain: Wastewater in agriculture.
  9. Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs): An approach for doubling farmer income.
  10. Empowering tomorrow: Youth engagement in agriculture.
March - Times of Agriculture ai agriculture

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