How to Grow Money Plant in Water: Magical Tips for You

Money plant is a beautiful, evergreen vining plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors condition. Many people wish to grow this plant in their homes as it increases the positive vibe and energy as well as cleans the air. But most of you don’t know how easy and fun to grow money plants is. We will teach you how to grow money plant in water without any special skill and knowledge in your home. There are some simple and straightforward steps to grow money plants in water only without any soil and fertilizer.

What is Money Plant

Money plant (Epipremnum aureum) is native to France and belongs to the family Araceae. There are various species of money plants found in tropical and subtropical regions like Australia, South Asia, China, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan etc. It does not need much more sunlight, fertilizer, or care to grow, so easily you can grow this to improve the positivity in your house.

How to Grow Money Plant in Water

To grow money plants in water the basic requirements are a glass bottle or jar, fresh water and a little bit of fertilizer if needed.

  • Take a glass jar which should be transparent to observe the rooting of the plant.
  • Then fill the glass jar with fresh water must be free from chlorine or any other chemicals and put the stem cuttings after 12 hours into it. If any chemical contaminants are present in the water it will evaporate in the meantime. The stem cutting must contain a nodal portion submerged in water for better development of leaves.
  • After that keep the jar in your preferred location and make sure indirect sunlight is there. Within a few weeks, the root development starts from the nodal region.
  • After the root development you can keep it as it is or else you can shift it as per your choice.
How to grow Money Plant in Water | How to grow money plant in water
How to grow Money Plant in Water | Picture credit: Instructables

To take care properly and growing faster you can follow the mentioned steps-

Change The Water Regularly

Change the water of the jar every week to maintain better oxygen flow in the root region. If you don’t change it on a regular basis there is a possibility of accumulation of chemicals and toxins in the water. The water becomes turbid and acts as a medium for growing bacteria and fungi which may attack your plants. The nutrients present in water also become exhausted which may cause retarded growth. So, it is important to change the existing water on a timely basis for better and faster growth.

Application of Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer can impart faster growth in your plant. Add this to water in 5-6 weeks intervals.

Application of Seaweed Fertilizer | How to grow money plant in water
Application of Seaweed Fertilizer | Picture credit: Lazy Gardner

Proper Sunlight Control

Maintaining sunlight is also important as it controls the photosynthesis of plants. Exposure to direct and much sunlight may lead to the yellowing and withering of leaves. On the other hand, very little sunlight causes a reduction in photosynthesis which fades the leaf colour and turns yellow. So, it is recommended to keep the plant in medium indirect sunlight, and never expose it to direct, intense sunlight conditions.

Proper Temperature Control

Money plants grow well in a specific range of temperatures. Very low temperatures inactive the cell cause retarded growth and also develop spots on leaves. Exposure to very high temperatures causes excess water loss and eventually, the plants become dehydrated. Very high temperature is responsible for denaturation of plant cells and death of plants.15-30°C is the optimum range of temperature where they perform better.

Clean Water Supply

The money plant grown in water absorbed water by the endo-osmosis process. If the water contains any toxins or contaminants, the concentration of the water increases and becomes more than the plant body. It will lead to exosmosis and water comes out from the plant body to the highly concentrated water. Due to water loss, the plant becomes flaccid and loses its properties.  Poisoning and ultimately death may occur due to the presence of excess chlorine present in water.

  • Your glass jar should be spike and span which helps in the formation of algae at the base.

Spraying of Aloe vera and Water Mixture

Spray aloe vera and water mixture in the leaves which promotes better growth and makes it look fresh.

pjimage 2021 10 11T180120.821
Spraying of Aloe vera and water mixture | Picture credit: India.Com

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Training and Pruning:

For proper growth and development Training and pruning is necessary. Trim the nodes with multiple branches to favour healthy foliage.

Propagation Techniques

Faster plant growth also depends on the propagation techniques. Poor propagation techniques reflect on the quality of the money plant. Mainly, the number of nodes varies among different propagation techniques. Fewer numbers of nodes lead to poor root development. A number of nodes promote maximum rooting development. The selected parent plant should have desirable characteristics like leaf shape, colour and robust growth. A healthy good stem with a greater number of nodes promotes faster growth.

Some Interesting Facts About Money Plant

  • According to a study by NASA, this plant can remove harmful toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene and increase the oxygen flow, so it acts as an air purifier.
  • Each branch of the money plant has five leaves that denote five special meanings- water, fire, wood, metal and earth.
  • Having a money plant at home is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, wealth, and happiness.
  • It is known by some other names like golden pothos, silver vine, devil’s ivy etc.

Fun Fact Regarding Money Plant

Once upon a time in Taiwan, there was a poor farmer. He had lent money from lenders and he has a burden of debts. He was unable to return the money and felt helpless. One day he found one plant growing in his house. The plant was in very bad condition, completely dried and shrunken. He takes care of the plant, watering it daily, and providing nutrients and one day the plant becomes healthy. After a few days, a very surprising incident occurred. He made an excessive profit from his farming and easily cleared his debt in time.

From that time he believes that this plant is a sign of fortune, wealth, good luck and prosperity. After that many people believed in it and started to grow money plants in their houses to improve their luck and get positive vibes.

There are many varieties of money plants that can be grown in water. Some of the well-known varieties are discussed below.

1. Green money plant

This is the most popular variety of all. It is very easy to grow, hardy in nature, and requires very little care. For all these reasons it is the first choice for beginners. It is a very beautiful variety with a fresh green colour.

2. Variegated money plant or Gold King

It is very similar to a green money plant because of its green colour. But the leaves have different shapes and shades. Air purification is also done by this cultivar. It can eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and other toxic contaminants from the air and provide very fresh air.

3. Golden money plant-

This is also known as Golden Pothos or Devil’s Eye. These money plants have very attractive pigmented leaves (greenish-golden with yellow colour) that look like dollar bills.

4. N’Joy Pothos

It has small greenish-yellow leaves and a sturdy and very hard stem that makes it important.

5. Marble money plant

They are unique by name and character. They have very glossy and heart-shaped leaves. The texture is also like white marble but green in colour.

6. Satin money plan

It makes the home corner very beautiful. Have large, blue, green leaves with white soles.

Suitable Place The Money Plant

  • It is recommended to keep the money plant in indoor shady conditions where sunlight can reach indirectly.
  •  Always try to place it in the south-east direction of the house which helps to eliminate the crucial obstacles.
  •  It is believed that if you keep your plant in the north entrance, you can find more opportunities regarding health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.
  • Keeping money plant at your work station also gives a positive energy to do work and achieve success.

Unsuitable Place for Money Plant

There are so many beliefs that money plants should be placed and it brings negative energy instead of positivity.

  • Firstly, do not keep this in the kitchen area. Wealth and luck opportunities may be hampered by keeping money plants in the kitchen area. 
  • Secondly, never keep this in your bedroom or love area. It is to belief that love and money are two opposite poles and incompatible.
  • Thirdly and finally, it is not recommended to keep your money planted in the bathroom. It is against tradition and brings negative energy to your house instead of positivity.

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We all know growing money plants in the house show signs of positivity, wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. Beautification of the house is performed by decorating this broad leaf plant in various parts of the houses. Money plants can be grown in outdoor as well as indoor conditions. You can grow them in soil and also in water only. But avoid shifting them from soil to water and vice versa. Your money plant can attain faster growth with some maintenance and care.

By changing water regularly, using fresh and clean water, and maintaining proper temperature and sunlight your plant can grow much faster and become healthy. Method of propagation also plays a very important role in their growth and development properly. It is always recommended to select stem cuttings with 2-3 nodes for better and safe root development. Always place your plants in the right direction and don’t keep them in the wrong places which may bring negativity instead of positivity and prosperity.

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