October Issue (2023) – Times of Agriculture Magazine (Agrochemicals)

The October issue(2023) – Times of Agriculture magazine is going to be extremely important for you. In this issue, we have covered detailed articles on the Agrochemicals: Production, consumption, and their potential impact. Agrochemicals are widely used in India as a significant input in farming, and many companies sell them under various names. With the increasing population in India, there is a continuous and extensive use of agrochemicals to boost production. While these chemicals do increase production, they also leave some adverse effects on crops, affecting the environment, soil, as well as human health. India is the fourth largest producer of agrochemicals in the world. In India, agrochemicals are primarily used in crops like cotton, rice, wheat, and vegetables, with the main goal of increasing production.

Through ongoing research, it has been discovered that the continuous and indiscriminate use of agrochemicals is leading to the presence of toxic chemicals in fruits and vegetables, which can eventually pose serious health risks, including the development of life-threatening diseases like cancer in humans. Farmers are using these chemicals to increase crop production without adhering to specific dosage recommendations, impacting the soil, environment, and human health. In this issue, we will discuss this topic in detail, and we hope you will enjoy reading it. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to send it to us via email. Your feedback motivates us to improve further.

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Highlights of October issue(2023) – Times of Agriculture Magazine (Agrochemicals)

1.Agriculture Updates
2.Agrochemicals: Production, Consumption and Impact.
Cover Story
3.Feeding a continent against the odds: Addressing challenges in Africa’s agriculture sector.
(Ruvarashe Chirimuta)
4.The new trend of plant-based meat.
(Christina Sandra Singh)
5.Empowering Indian farmers: The vital role of digital and e-marketing in agricultural transformation.
(Vasanthi C., Atheequlla G.A., and Prajwal Kumar G.K.)
6.From blackboard to digital board: A new era of education in India.
(Amrit Warshini)
7.Revolutionizing agriculture: How robotics is transforming farming.
(Sonal V. Baria and Nirma Damor)
8.Precision agriculture: Enhancing crop yields and minimizing agricultural waste.
(Dharm Veer Singh and Kamaluddin)
9.Greening the cityscape: A revolution in urban farming.
(Sonam Meena and Rajesh Kumar Meena)
10.The farming frontier: Impact of artificial intelligence on agriculture.
(Siddhant Gupta and Rajeev Ranjan)
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