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We are pleased to announce the release of the April Issue – Times of Agriculture Magazine. Day by day increasing demand of flowers is showing the importance of flowers in world trade. Today, flowers have their own special importance in auspicious, cultural, diplomatic, philosophical and other types of social works. In this issue of Times of Agriculture e-magazine, you will get complete information of Indian floriculture market, production scenario and their growing demands. Flowers have a special place of their own in human life. Flowers add color to human life as well as beautify his home or society. In the modern era, different types of products are being manufactured from flowers, which make the business prosperous. Various types of perfumes, soaps, incense sticks, etc. are also being made from flowers, compost is being made from waste flowers or their leaves and used in agriculture. Smart cities, parks, gardens, landscaping or roadside such ornamental plants are being used on a large scale.

Today the business of flowers has also started through modern platforms like e-commerce so that the buyer and seller do not face any kind of problem in buying or selling. Many young entrepreneurs in India are taking flight of their dreams by joining floral startups and day by day these startups are touching new heights. The growing demand for flowers or ornamental plants in the world trade is emerging as a golden future for the floriculture industry.

Let us make our future from flower business by getting comprehensive information from today itself.

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Highlights of April Issue – Times of Agriculture Magazine

1.Agriculture Updates
2.Indian Floriculture Market. Cover Story
3.Green hydrogen: A sustainable source of energy. (Subhadip Kar and Kajal Sengupta)
4.Organic agriculture: A model for sustainable agriculture. (Pallavi Shekhar and Parmeswar Dayal)
5.Losing home… Tagged as pest ! (Surya Prasad)
6.Zero budget natural farming: A step forward for sustainable agriculture. (Pallavi Bharti and Pankaj Kumar Ray)
7.Effect of extreme weather events on agriculture production. (Anurag Tripathi and S.R. Mishra)
8.Feminisation of Indian agriculture. (Ashish Kumar)
9.No-till farming: New agriculture technique. (Shubham Yadav)
10.Pellets feeding for broiler performance improvements. (Neeraj Singh and Ramjee Gupta)
April 2023 Indian Floriculture Market
Times of Agriculture
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