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Greetings to all esteemed readers of Times of Agriculture magazine. We are pleased to introduce the August issue of the Times of Agriculture e-magazine. This edition comes at a significant moment, as the country has recently celebrated its 77th Independence Day. Right now, the government is emphasizing of being self-reliant. In this era, new and exciting agritech startups are coming up in India. The government is also providing funds to help these startups. In this August issue, we’re putting the spotlight on the biggest farming startup in the country, ‘DeHaat‘.

DeHaat is making a big impact in farming and has become the largest & fastest-growing agritech startup In India. It’s changing the way farming works and is making a real difference. In this issue, Dehaat’s co-founder, Shashank Kumar, discusses in detail the journey of Dehaat from its inception to its current state.  Also, we’re covering some important agricultural updates from the last few weeks. We really hope you enjoy this issue. Please do share your thoughts with us, as your ideas make us do even better.

Highlights of the August issue – Times of Agriculture magazine

1Agriculture Updates
2DeHaat: Sowing the seeds of Indian Agri-Revolution.
Cover Story
3Conservation and promotion of forests is the need of the present for a healthy life.
Kalyan Singh
4Growing market of seed treatment and enhancement.
Gaurav Yadav
5Contribution of carbon footprinting to zero waste environments.
Diksha, Simran Jasht and Asha
6Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA): Transforming farming for a changing climate.
Disha Joshi and Parul Gupta
7Hill farmer’s multipurpose agricultural machine.
Rahul Kumar Yadav
DeHaat august

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