September Issue -Times of Agriculture Magazine (Food Wastage in India)

Dear Readers, The September issue of the Times of Agriculture Magazine is going to be extremely important for you. In this September issue, we are focusing on Food Wastage in India. In this issue, we have covered extensive articles on food wastage in India, which is becoming a worrisome issue. Food waste is becoming a major problem in India it causes economic losses to our country.

On one hand, where such a large population is affected by hunger, wasting food in such large quantities in the same country is a shameful situation. The amount of food wastage in India is extremely high, and it is having a negative impact on our country’s economic situation.

While there are many reasons for the problem of food waste, we should continue our efforts at the individual level to improve it. Saving food and using it correctly should be the primary goal of human life. This way, we will not only address the issue of food supply but also reduce environmental damage caused by food waste. Food waste primarily contributes to factors like climate change and pollution, and it also gives rise to many diseases. We need to educate everyone about the importance of food waste and provide information about various ways to reduce it. In this issue, we will discuss this problem in detail, and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

If you have any suggestions for us, please feel free to email us. Your feedback motivates us to improve further. Thank you and happy reading.

Highlights of September Issue -Times of Agriculture Magazine

Sr. No.Article Title
1.Agriculture Updates
2.Food Wastage in India.
Cover Story
3.Agrochemicals: Impact on human health & environment.
(Hemraj Meena, Geetika, Vikram and Rotash Kumar)
4.Contributing to global food security and sustainability: Edible coating for fruits and vegetables.
(Dr. Kuntal Das)
5.Agri-Tourism: Exploring the economic potential of farm-based experiences.
(Harshit Mishra and Dr. Supriya)
6.Advancements in conservation agriculture.
(G. Naveen Kumar)
7.Farming with waste management: Cultivating sustainability and efficiency.
(Gaurav Mishra)
8.Health with beauty: Indoor medicinal plants.
(Ameda Swarnalatha and Seelothu Rakesh)
9.Ensuring food security: The imperative of climate-resilient agriculture in India.
(Anurag Tripathi and S.R. Mishra)
10.Current relevance, challenges and future of millets.
(Kalyan Singh, Dr. Neetu, Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Singh and Vishwajeet Singh)
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