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Dear readers, as you all know that Times of Agriculture magazine discusses the contemporary issues related to agriculture and allied sector in every issue. We always shared current information with you through the cover story of Times of Agriculture-magazine. This issue is based on the deadly viral disease lumpy skin disease in cattle. It is a dreadful disease in which chickenpox-like blisters appear on the body of animals, especially in cows. This disease is spreading in older as well as in young animals. Our veterinary scientists are engaged in finding vaccine for this disease.
As we all know that lumpy skin disease is a viral disease that spreads rapidly and it becomes difficult to control, yet it is very important to take precautions till we have proper treatment. It will be useful to imbibe the mantra of ‘prevention is better than cure’. Just like we have made efforts to win the battle against the epidemic like Corona, in the same way give your support in saving our livestock from this epidemic. Hope you like this issue of our magazine and share it with your friends and colleagues. Enjoy Reading, Thank you.


Highlights of October Issue Times of Agriculture e-magazine

S.No.ArticlesPage No.
1.Agriculture Updates – September-october8-18
2.Lumpy Skin Disease : A Deadly outbreak in India
Cover Story-Dr. Sanjana
3.Climate change-ready rice varieties: Prominent stride toward food security and sustainabilityDr. Kuntal Das30-32
4.Climate change: A tocsin Ranjeet Kumar Ranjan and Rashmi Kumari33-34
5.Conservation agriculture: Concept and importance in agriculture. Dr. Ajeet Singh et al.35-36
6.Agrochemicals and their effects on environment and human health. – Dr. R. Sowmiya37-38
7.Srilanka’s organic farm policy: An impact analysis. Haribalaji V.39-40
8.Fodder management & preservation technology. Rishikesh Yadav, Robin Kumar and Umesh Kumar41-42
9.Forage day. Om Prakash Singh43
10Nano NPK (19:19:19): A unique fertilizer for enhancing plant growth and production.Kshetrimayum Manishwari Devi46

About Lumpy Skin Disease

Lumpy skin disease has rapidly spread among cattle in more than 10 states and Union Territories of India. The death rates are rising and it continues to have a disastrous impact on the herd of cattle. Being the world’s largest milk producer, the dairy industry of India is facing a huge challenge as a result of the current outbreak. The milk production has been severely reduced and states like Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab have already reported a drop in milk yield. Reports indicate a reduction of 5-6 lakh litres a day in the milk yield of Rajasthan.

To read in brief about lumpy skin disease (LSD) their origin, cause, outbreak, treatment download our October issue of Times of Agriculture e-Magazine

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