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We are pleased to announce the release of the May Issue – Times of Agriculture Magazine. May issue is based on DSR Technology used in paddy crop. Although “Direct Seeded Rice” is already being adopted in many parts of the country, but it became more prevalent during the pandemic Corona, at that time labourers were migrating and lack of availability of laborers for transplanting, farmers had to depend on this method.By reducing water usage and promoting soil health, DSR is not only helping farmers to cope with water scarcity, but also contributing to the preservation of our planet’s most precious resource.

This method is proving beneficial in many ways, as you all know that rice is an important food crop, it required a sufficient amount of water for its cultivation. Since additional water is required for cultivation in the transplanting method and the shortage of pure drinking water is also a big threat to the world. As we all know, the ground water level is continuously falling, so we need to save water for our future. Government of India has also emphasized on working with themes like per drop more crop, PMKSY and different types of NGOs are also working in this direction to avoid wastage of water.

Our agricultural scientists have also started work on a wide scale of species that give good production in less water under the crop improvement program. Despite some initial hurdles, DSR technology has the potential to revolutionize rice cultivation in India and
contribute to sustainable agricultural practices. So let’s explore the DSR technology and its benefits. Happy Reading….. Thank you.

Highlights of April Issue – Times of Agriculture Magazine

S.No.Article Title
1.Agriculture Updates
2.DSR (Direct Seeded Rice): Need of the future.
Cover Story
3.Ornamental fish culture, low investment and good   income source status of India and future.
(Dr. Navpreet Kaur and Dr. Onkar Singh Brraich)
4.Why we need high oleic sunflower oil for food and industrial applications?
(Sampath L. and Dr. R. Sasikala)
5.Millets’ impact on dietary nutritional status.
( Alok Kumar Pandey)
6.Power of flower food for cut flowers.
( Dr. E. Shirin Hima Bindu)
7.Agricultural robots: The farmers of the future.
(Siddhant Gupta and Chinmaya Kumar Sahu)
8.Homa farming: A sustainable approach for fruit crop production.
(Reetika Sharma and Maanik)
9.Agri-entrepreneurship: A rising sector.
(Ranjeet Kumar Ranjan and Rashmi Kumari)

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