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We are pleased to announce the release of the July issue –Times of Agriculture Magazine. The importance of the cover story being presented to you is even more significant in today’s changing environment. We are discussing Hydroponics Farming, also known as Soil less farming. The July issue of Times of Agriculture magazine is dedicated to the fascinating world of hydroponics farming.

The significance of this farming method increases because India has become the most populous country in the world, and arable land per person is decreasing day by day. This poses challenges in feeding the growing population and maintaining farmers’ income. Considering these factors, the hydroponics system can prove to be highly beneficial.

The hydroponics method produces agriculture products of good quality and ensures rapid growth. With this farming technique, farmers can have better control over the environment, enabling them to cultivate vegetables out of season and earn profits.

Comprehensive information about hydroponics is presented in this edition of the Times of Agriculture magazine. We believe that, like previous issues, you will all enjoy this edition and find it helpful in expanding your knowledge. Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey.

Editor in chief

Highlights of July Issue – Times of Agriculture Magazine (Hydroponics Farming)

S.No.  Title
1.Agriculture Updates
2.The rise of hydroponics farming.
Cover Story
3.Smart agriculture using IoT-based EAgriS system.
( Dr. Ashwini Gajarushi)
4.Usefulness of nanotechnology in precision farming.
(Kalyan Singh, Dharamveer Singh and Pragya)
5.Robotics in viticulture.
(Dr. S. Brindhadevi)
6.Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture.
(Satvaan Singh and Vishal Srivastava)
7.Biochar: A black future for plant pathogens.
(Kavya, B. S.)
8.RADAR: Application in agriculture.
(Siddhant Gupta and Rajeev Ranjan)
9.Blockchain technology: A farm-to-plate traceability solution for seed value chain.
(Dr. Kuntal Das)
10.Water footprints: A new way of measuring water consumption.
(Sourav Choudhary)

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