February Issue 2023 – Times of Agriculture Magazine

We are pleased to announce the release of the February Issue 2023 – Times of Agriculture Magazine. This issue is based on the Union budget presented by Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, Honorable Finance Minister, Government of India. In this issue, the complete details of the announcements made by the Finance Minister in the field of agriculture in the union budget 2023-24 have been published.

It is often seen that various government welfare schemes do not reach the farmers on time, due to which their development is hindered. Let us make our country’s agriculture excellent by making our farmers aware. The purpose of our magazine is that whatever new information is coming, it should be conveyed to you. The aim of this issue is that the information about the schemes announced through the budget must reach the farmers so that we all can contribute to the upliftment of agriculture and farmers. Happy Reading…

Highlights of February Issue 2023 – Times of Agriculture Magazine

1Agriculture Updates
2Union Budget 2023:  A New Direction to Agriculture.
Cover Story
3Use of magnetic water in agriculture.
Anjaly V.
4Climate smart production practices and technologies need for adaptation to climate change.
A. Suryakala
5One-health approach in agriculture and the role of agronomists in maintaining it.
Anannya Dhar and Dr. Kajal Sengupta
6Millets: Crops helping to heal the planet.
Dr. Ashok S. Alur
7Purple revolution or lavender farming: A new revolution.
Yashowardhan Singh and Sandhya Sinha
8Noni: A fruit for health benefits.
Shubham Yadav
9Biosecurity in shrimp farming.
G. Ferolin Jessina
10Automation farming: A futuristic approach in agriculture.
Rupesh Kumar and Pooja Singh
agriculture union budget 2023- Times of agriculture magazine

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