UAE-based agritech firm name  PRODUZE raised US$2.6 million

Fund raised in seed financing round led by Accel  (US-based venture)

Accel, is known for being one of the first investors to back now-famous  endeavors like Meta and Spotify.

in this seed round founders and CEOs of India-based agritech firms Ninjacart, Stellapps and Sammunati also participated

 "We will be using these funds to further enhance our supply chain technology and procurement capabilities"- CEO Ben Mathew says

Produze's aim is to digitize agri & food sector procurement operation in Middle East.

Co-founder of  Produze 's Ben Mathew, Rakesh Sasidharan, Gaurav Agrawal, Emil Soman

Produze enables agri producers to sell directly to global retailers and distributors.