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September Issue – Times of Agriculture e-Magazine

Respected readers, September issue of Times of Agriculture e-magazine is going to be very important for you. As we all know that recently Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given emphasis on Biofortification. The basic principle of developing biofortified Varieties is to increase the nutrient content of such Varities by selecting high yielding Varieties, which are found to be deficient in nutrients. Also developing new Varieties that are rich in nutrients, so that the country can get rid of problems like malnutrition and anemia. With the development of such nutritious Varieties, we can prevent malnutrition in children to a great extent by giving quality nutrition along with the improvement of the Varieties.

Dear readers, biofortified Varieties will prove to be a boon for any country and it will also be a proud moment for all of us in the agricultural world. Through this issue, you will get complete information about biofortification. Hope you like this issue of the Times of Agriculture e-magazine. Thanks a lot and best wishes. Enjoy Reading.


September Issue - Times of Agriculture

Highlights of September Issue – Times of Agriculture

1.Agriculture Updates – September
2.Biofortification: Improving Nutrition For Reducing Malnutrition. Cover Story
3.Application of global positioning system in agriculture
Tamilmounika R. and Senthamil E.
4.Role of information technology in agri-business.
Shikha Bhuka and Diksha Rani
5.Roof top farming: A new techniques of growing vegetables and fruits at home. Anasuya Sil
6.Agro-solar technology: A golden future.
Naveendra Kumar Patel and Vipin Mishra
7.Problem faced by the farmers about soil testing practices in rural areas.
Souvik Das
8.Role of nano-fertilizer in sustainable agriculture.
Bal Veer Singh and Shakti Singh
9.Nano-fertilizers for enhancing crop productivity and soil health.
Anu et al.
10.Crop residue management.
Odisi Netaji

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